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Lamyerda Diaries: Side trip to Tulip Land

As mentioned in my previous entry, day 2 of our amazing road trip charrozcaldo was Netherlands!376d2054-964b-4494-94ac-0f95021b2121

This was another out of the blue moment. Going back to 2015, we went to the Netherlands around the last week of May, aiming to catch the field of tulips but WALEY! Their festival ended 17th of May but we got there the next day! As in, literal na latak nalang of tulips yung naabutan because everything were already harvested. So I just promised myself that I’ll come back.

2018. Eto na yung chance ko. Because we had an extra day from our Belgium trip, we decided to go ahead and see the tulips cause why not, we were only 2 hours away.

Same as the first time, we went to Lisse where they house Keukenhof- Dubbed as THE Garden of Europe. The festival has already started and there’s loads of tourists everywhere as in sold out mga besh. I was only after the actual fields but since there was a hint of curiosity of what is going on inside, might as well!


Getting into the garden costs €18. In all honesty mga besh, I felt like it was a total rip off. Di sulit. I mean the whole place is nicely done, but for the price and the volume of people coming in, I thought it could be a bit cheaper (plus they charged I think €6 for the parking). The whole place was so crowded!


The best time to go to see the fields would probably be towards the end of April, before they start harvesting all the flowers. And if I were to decide, I would just pass on the garden and just hire a bike/car to go around instead. The fields were everwhere but the challenge was to find one that wasn’t harvested yet. Luckily, through the help of instagram locations and some online searching, we’ve managed to find some spots!



It was really worth it going around to look for the fields. It was truly a feast for the eyes, my pictures/videos wouldn’t do justice and I’m glad I’ve got it ticked off my bucket list.



PS! Here’s my Belgium with a bit of the tulips video! Ü


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