Wicked Monday

Sunday (8-ish, pm)

Hubby received a viber message from a friend offering tickets for a west end show – Wicked And get this: for 4 people for the price of toooot! (Sabihin na nating yung presyo ng isang ticket, naging pang apat!). We were a bit sketchy at first cause hey, it was too good to be true. But the seller was a trusted colleague so we took the offer anyway and invited two more friends (who we kept on warning that we weren’t 100% sure of the tickets yet but asked them to just be ready anyway -on call ang labanan beh).


Start of another work week. I was excited but I didn’t want to get all fired up and then later, disappointment. We haven’t physically seen the tickets yet so I was still a bit apprehensive the whole morning. At around 4pm, we took toil from work and went to the seller’s house for the ticks. Or voucher I should say.

5pm. We’ve already made it to the Apollo Victoria and exchanged the voucher. Whew! Confirmed legit finally. Lol. Texted our plus ones to start their journey. Show starts 19:30.

I’ve only ever been to a few West End shows and by far, I could easily say Wicked is there (tied with the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time) on the top of my list. I’ve been belting to the song Defying Gravity for god knows how long now (feelingera much, sintonado naman lol!) and I’ve always been curious how the actual live show was. Also, The Wizard of Oz is such a classic film I wanted to see the other side of the story.

If you’re planning to watch this soon, push mo yan teh! It was really good and even the actors were amazing! I also think it would be worth to spend a bit more if you opt to get good seats. And as early as now, I can tell you I won’t mind watching the show again. I also want to give props to Alice Fearn who played the lead role Elphaba. Her voice is just so captivating it took me days to recover (honestly, not fully over it yet! Still playing it on youtube/spotify) from her version of Defying Gravity. Here’s a sample from when she performed it at Pride!


6 thoughts on “Wicked Monday

  1. mphadventuregirl says:

    I have seen Wicked four times. Those four times are quite spread out throughout the years.

    2006- this was the year I first saw Wicked. My mom and i went on a trip to NYC so it was just us two. Part of that trip included going to see Wicked on Broadway. Little did I know that the musical would change me “for good”. It was the show that actually sparked my love for musicals. All I remember from the first time was being with mom and what my favorite song was. But clearly the impact shows throughout the years.

    2008?- I think this was around my 2nd time seeing Wicked. I don’t remember seeing it the 2nd time. It was a touring production and it came to Charlotte.

    2013- this time, it was a date with my dad. He had not seen Wicked yet so I wanted to go this time for my dad. We both got tickets to see Wicked in Christmas 2012 stockings. What happened the 3rd time was that before the show began, the tallest guy in the auditorium sat in front of me and my dad decided to switch seats and gave me the better seat. By the end of the show, he told me that he understood why I love the show so much. I think he was paying more attention to be than the show itself. Once again a show on tour in Charlotte.

    2016- this was my 4th time. It was coming to Charlotte and my university was close enough that it was arranged that a group of us could see it. Because my school was going, I wanted to go. After all, like the show, it was an university that changed me for good. We were in the last three rows. I felt the most vulnerable and emotional this time around. The show really has matured throughout the years and I understood more. I had standby Mary Kate Morrissey as Elphaba, Amanda Jane Copper as Glinda, and Ashley Parker Angel as Fiyero and they were so excellent that both the friendship and the love triangle were so strong.

    2016 continued- Mary Kate embodied everything about Elphaba and still brought something new. In act I, she had a much more innocent voice and in act II, she changed it to be so much more mature. She actually made me feel something for a song I always strongly disliked: it was “No Good Deed”, a song where the emotions never really were there, but this time around, I felt the emotions. Amanda was so hilarious as Glinda and showed the character’s pain in act II perfectly. The chemistry between the girls was excellent that it had a strong effect on “For Good” and the song made me cry. This time around, I wanted to pay extra close attention to Fiyero: I wanted to know why that plot twist in the love triangle even happened: he played Lion Cub scene as if Fiyero does have a crush on her at Shiz but deep down doesn’t even know and he already decided to have stronger chemistry with Elphaba and all of that foreshadows the plot twist.

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      • mphadventuregirl says:

        Part of what made them go in depth was that they were seen at different time periods in my life. For me, it developed from middle school to college.

        The trio are so complex: yes even Fiyero. Elphaba and Glinda are the most obvious to the audience that they are complex. Fiyero is complex: it doesn’t seem that way, but he is. There are aspects of that are hard to notice. This love triangle, in my opinion, is the most complex one I ever came across. The friendship between Elphaba and Glinda also develops over the years.

        Those three characters are the ones I am emotionally connected to and the ones I spend the most time with. I constantly am overlooking the other characters. Elphaba is actually my overall favorite musical character

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      • mphadventuregirl says:

        My 4th time: I decided that time to pay extra close attention to him. I love him but still struggle to know why. His development is very interesting. That curveball he throws into the love triangle makes it the most complex love triangle in musical theatre. It is just hard to understand who he is.

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