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Chamonix Chamonix Shapopo

It has become a (sort of) tradition that instead of celebrating birthdays with food or booze or party, we just treat ourselves with travel- whether going somewhere new locally or take advantage of the cheap travel around Europe. Since we had to hold off with travel last year for the wedding, this year we figured it’s time to get back in the game- in short, nakaluwag luwag na po mga besh! So for this year’s birthday (Hubby my labs) destination… Bonjour Chamonix, France!

Ever since our trip to Zermatt (our favorite destination to date), I’ve always been amazed by the Alpine regions. So majestic and breathtaking (and I mean that figuratively AND literally)! And also, contrary to most people’s opinion, I adore snow.

Although Chamonix is in France, due to its distance, we opted to land through Geneva Airport and just ride the bus (1 hour only) getting to our destination. We didn’t pre-book any bus tickets anymore since there were loads offering by the airport anyway. But, if you’re planning to go, some bus companies offer advance booking anyway (just so wala nang hassle when you land). Also, there are different bus companies that offer a different price range so it would be handy to research beforehand to save a bit of money.


The weather forecast before we flew was rainy and cold. Much to our surprise, it turned out to be sunny after all! We were also lucky to have booked this B&B that offered this awesome view. Perfect for the gram!img_18231

Our itinerary was quite simple, Alps, Ski/Snowboard and chill. On our first day, we literally just stayed by our accommodation, had 3 hour naps, ate dinner and birthday salubong. On day 2, we just went around the small town then to the top!



Travel Crew <3


I swear everything around just looked like it was straight out of a desktop background. I sometimes catch myself smiling at these awesome and unbelievable views just because of it’s sheer beauty.



Going to the top isn’t that cheap. It costs 60 euros to the peak- Mont Blanc, and you can also avail the Midi for 31 euros.


I’ve already learned my lesson from the last time. Take note, there’s thin air with this altitude so if you’re asthmatic like me, it helps to bring your inhaler. Also, since you’re at a closer proximity to the sun, use sunscreen and any protection from its rays. And oh, bring extra clothes to change in especially if you plan to play around the deep snow. And finally, don’t wear Vans lol.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t ski season anymore so there were no stores open to rent the equipments. We ended up just playing around the peak for 3-4 hours then went back down, walked a bit around the town then called it a night. The next day, we went to the other mountain which was basically opposite Mont Blanc


Going up costs a bit cheaper at around 15 euros. We initially planned to go paragliding but.. budget cuts lol


As usual, we just relaxed and did the usual photoshoot



I wish I could show you more pictures but I’m afraid I would run out of memory space here in WordPress lol. Here’s a video I made anyway (Usual travel assignment: Hubby takes the videos, I take pictures then I edit video footages)

Siyempre, nakikiuso din. Charing!





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