Random Snippets #6: Wee hours

Oh you know, just the usual insomnia driving me here again at this hour. I don’t even have any clue what to write about. Let’s see…

  • June na! As usual, I promised to start my serious fitness chenelyn program this month. I’m pretty sure this time, I will probably take it seriously because a) It’s in my journey to 30 plan b) I no longer fit my clothes and get tired so easily c) I want to have something that this diet/exercise might help me achieve it and d) Text na ng text young gym saken, namimiss na daw ako so, pray for me guys.


  • Whoa, talking about that, I just realised it’s already freakin’ June! Half the year na! Why is time running so fast these days? Kalma please. I still have a ton to do


  • I need more practice in editing videos. I believe I’m improving but I want to experiment a bit more with stuff. I’m thinking of actually making my own version of wedding film since I have the raw files anyway. Hmmm… that’s an idea.


  • I should probably get some sleep.


  • My MAC just turned 3! (Obvious bang ang random ng mag naiisip ko?)


  • I’m currently obsessed with Bath & Body Work’s Japanese Cherry Blossom hand sanitiser and I’m worried I might run out of stock soon. US friends, buy me some please? :D


  • Was able to buy tickets to Jo Koy! I’m excited! This will also be my first time to experience a proper “stand-up comedian” show in a big hall. Interesting.


  • I’m seeing Incubus again on September! Sooooo happy! Now I’m on a mission to get to their meet and greet. Hook me up please!?


  • I just realised I bought a new book to read so I’ll probably do that now. Ta!!!!!

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