Random Snippets #7: You know, the usual..

Oh no, not another random insomiac entry!?

  • I’ve been obsessing on random things/people lately. Yesterday, I went on a Shawn Mendez overdrive. Ang cute niya hihi paveve. Today, I literally spent 2 hours watching the whole X-factor journey of Little Mix. Sino naman kaya tomorrow?
  • I wonder how facebook is doing. Ano na kayang mga ganap dun? Char!
  • Update on my video editing practice, I managed to start something! The question is, when will I finish it? Or will I ever finish it.
  • Di parin ako nakakapag gym (rolls eyes) BUT I managed to squeeze in small exercises and cut a bit of food out. Pwede na! Feeling ko ang payat ko na talaga, charot!
  • I had this random thought a few days ago and so I (again) spontaneously cut my bangs. And as usual, FAIL! Ang chaka lang. All these years I always decide to cut it then fail then promise not to do it on my own again. It’s a cycle na. I guess I just have to wait for months/years for it to grow.
  • Ang cute nung Kissing Booth sa Netflix lakas maka high school feels! Also, bakit hindi ganun yung high school ko? Hahahah!
  • I’m off today and touring cousins in London! Shot tayo tonight, Soho area perhaps?

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