Random Snippets #9: Agosto!

August 1.

I was supposed to start writing about how uneventful my last couple of days were but I suddenly remembered, WITITIT! Things were actually quite intense for me! Starting off with our family’s new little nugget, my nephew – Baby Chio!

I honestly can’t wait to go home and kiss him! This is really exciting cause the last time our family had a baby was more than a decade ago! Sabik na sabik na mga lolos and lolas and of course, Mama Aca!

Also recently, I’ve met a certified professional singer na World Champion (WCOPA) levelling and I just have to tell you that I actually asked him if we could do a collab. Ansabeeeeeh! Nahiya yung asawa ko for me hahaha! Although when it was karaoke time, natameme nalang yung lola nyo. Ganun pala pag singer talaga, mahihiya ka nang sumabay kumanta kasi mareremind ka nung capacity mo in terms of singing- which is wala hahahha! I actually thanked him for blessing our house with his voice. Feeling ko naiyak yung pader na nakarinig na siya finally ng totoong singer, hindi yung mga voice namin na pang puchu puchu lang.

Work has been, errr, okay? It has been so busy as usual but I am really enjoying kahit minsan, I can feel burnout creeping in which is partly my fault kasi 6 days a week din lumalagari ang ate nyo eh pwede naman magpahinga. I also like being challenged with the strategic side of things and I’m hoping and praying they grant my request for further study. Peg ko talaga umabot sa PHD levels, charot!

In other news which is nothing new: napako nanaman po ang pangako kong pagpapapayat hahahah! Promises are made to be broken talaga ayoko na nga. Bahala na!

In 2 weeks, I’ll be flying to Amsterdam pero this time, it’s with my becklings!!!!! Pa-girls trip ito for Janus’ birthday so nakaka excite mga mamsh! Booking na ito (sila lang, bugaw ako) chereeeeet!

On to a bit of a sad news, we’ve just sold our other car. Sad cause I didn’t really get the chance to use it (was supposed to be for me) but it just made sense cause it’s just stuck and parked at the house masisira lang siya. We also have the same schedule at work so parang what’s the point of taking separate rides diba sayang sa gas so ayun, ni-let go nalang namen.

Speaking of letting go, 6th month nang facebook-less! I’m actually contemplating if I would still want to go back just for the fun of it. I thoughtI couldn’t do it cause I was already sucked into deep pero kaya naman pala, and I must admit, ang saya at ang gaan!

May gusto pa sana ako i-share pero I think I’ll save it for another entry para mas detalyado ang chika ko. Ang masasabi ko lang, today I just wanted to play around with my camera and some make-up. I just felt I’ve been so haggard and sick the last few days gusto ko lang din mag inarte. In doing so, I realised how my usually unruly hair cooperated. In fairness di siya nagwawala today. Thinking of going blonde tomorrow for a change. Hmmmmm.

PS. Puro full fez shot lang para di kita yung taba! In fairness sa camera wala nang edit edit pak pak upload na agad!


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