Barkada Weekend: Friends, friends and more friends!

I have been craving so much sleep lately and although my body is dying to ditch everyone and just stay under covers, I simply cannot! Friends, this is a struggle but para sha inyo, babangon ako.

I went home early last Friday due to a doctor’s appointment that has left me feeling so drained after. Slept for 3 hours, ate dinner then again went back to bed feeling so weak and just slept through the night. Good thing my bank shift for Saturday got cancelled.

Saturday. I was supposed to go to Central to meet a friend but since I woke up at 10 till way over noon, nothing was happening. I then decided to postpone the meet-up and convince myself to go to at least one function.

I am still amused at how our circle transitioned from drunk conversations and awfully loud laughs to a daycare + screaming babies. In total our bunch now have 3 babies + 1 pre-schooler + 1 ready to pop soon!

Sunday. After pigging out yesterday, another sesh was set today! Although it is unfortunate to send off one our dear friend, I had a superb time (eating involved) with my ate’s and kuya’s.

Right after the buffet, I went straight to Central to meet an old friend currently based in Singapore whom I haven’t seen in a decade! Don’t you just love meeting friends after a long while and yet the bond is still there? It’s as if nothing happened! We just chatted the night away and reminisced and talk about life in general.


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