My ‘What if?’

I am currently re-watching How to Get Away with Murder and all I could think of is my childhood dream, my biggest What if – becoming a Lawyer.

Growing up, I witnessed Mama recite the Philippine constitution and quote random articles like it’s engrained in her and like it’s part of our life; After school, I sat at the back of her class and half listened to her lectures about the law and certain legalities; Watching the news became a routine and early on, I developed opinions and my take on certain issues; I enjoyed debating and proving a point; I basically knew from then on that I am going to be a Lawyer someday.

Whar if I really went for it? What if I took Law? What if I became a Lawyer? What if I continued to pursue my dream of becoming a Criminial defense attorney? What if this will work?

Life then happened. Things changed. Priorities surfaced. Practicality won. As much as I wanted to push to make this dream happen, it wasn’t possible at the time. I sort of promised myself that once I’m more settled, I’ll study again and chase this dream.

My career and life path had a major shift which has now led me here. Being in the medical field wasn’t always my first choice but I eventually learned to love it and found a speciality I’m interested in. I am happy where I am right now and I keep thinking had I insisted solely on what I want, I wouldn’t have met the special people I have now and I would be living my life differently. Though I’d like to believe it’s not yet too late and that I still have time, for now I’ll just leave it as a little piece in my heart asking what if?


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