Lamyerda Diaries

12 Hours in Berlin


Busy week, full schedule. I honestly thought of cancelling this trip but everything’s already paid for. Plus, the thought of a literally quick escapade with friends sounded like a good idea.



Booking flights for Germany for the month of October could be a real pain. Although the main event for Octoberfest happens in Munich, buying tickets for the rest of Germany could also come with a hefty price so BOOK AHEAD. As for my case, it was just an overnight trip so we got lucky and secured a £75 (still a bit pricey for me if I’m honest) return flight with Ryanair.


There were 2 airports available and I opted to land in Schönefeld airport (a bit small and I would say basic) which was 40-50 minutes away from city centre.




Transport is quite easy and accessible. From the airport, you can buy day tickets for €7 which I thought was really cheap. Other options would be taking a tram (mostly in the centre) and of course, buses (they also operate Night buses).



  • Berlin Subway App: this helped me navigate my way into Berlin. Although I know Google can easily tell me which, when and were, I pretty much like tracing my way into the lines.
  • Google: mainly for translation, direction, recommendations and literally every question you could think of.
  • Currency card: I literally just brought €1 (this wasn’t even mine, I just saw it lying on the floor) with me plus my card which worked perfectly well.




Certain areas have the signature Europe feel in it through its architecture. Other areas I would say would give you that typical city vibe. I was there on a Saturday but it’s not as crowded as I expected it to be so for the most part, I just sat on a bench and people watched and had my mini photoshoot!




The morning I spent relaxing and sightseeing. I only had a few hours to spare to I just went for the main attractions.

Brandenburg Gate

I was here midday and there were a decent amount of tourists but not too much to make it impossible to have a photo. Take note, I was alone this time so I was just using my tripod + camera + wifi phone + everyone staring to capture this. Hashtag lakayongpake. Lol.

Reichstag Building (Parliament)


My personal favourite would be the memorial. I just thought it was so rich of history and imagined the plight of everyone during this difficult time.

I was exhausted so I just chose to relax and found this sweet spot! Couldn’t help but take pictures!

For the next few hours, I mostly bonded with this bunch and we’re lucky cause there was this Lights Festival by the square which we had the chance to see.

I regret not being able to see the wall art/graffiti but will probably come back with more hours next time. So there’s my 12 hours! I haven’t had time to edit videos yet but will post it here once done. Taaaa!


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