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Random Snippets #12

Watsap por yu!?

This month has definitely kept me on my toes. Super super busy BUT I am not complaining. All the distractions kept me from thinking of a difficult yet fleeting moment from a few months back. Haaay, life!

I’ve been planning to write about some of the things I’ve been up to in more detail soon but na-sipagan lang ako magblog about a movie we’ve watched literally just now – The Write Moment. It’s a Filipino indi film which stars Jerald Napoles & Valeen Montenegro. This movie doesn’t have the typical pinoy movie twist we’ve all grown up to. Ang simple ng treatment. Not too fussy, not too dramatic. Ang simple ng story but, it sends an important message.

Napaisip lang ako, at some point we all wanted our happily ever after. We all got stuck on the idea to the point na we keep on looking for it from every person we love. I’m not saying it’s bad. It’s ok. It’s normal. And why would you get into a relationship na hindi ka naman masaya in the first place di ba? That’s what I appreciated in the movie. Kasi, hindi pwedeng masaya all the time. Hindi pwedeng nakangiti at nakatawa lang kayong dalawa 24/7. It’s not realistic. In the end, mapapa isip ka, nagkaroon ba ng substance? May naging katuturan ba yung puro happiness lang? Mas naging matibay ba kame? Have we even learned anything? Naging masaya nga ba talaga?

Sabi nga ni Eminem, snap back to reality. Naipasok ko pa talaga yan kasi yan lang naisip ko lol. Ayun nga, reality tells us na that is not what having a relationship is all about. Requirement yung mga trying times kasi it strengthens you and your jowa. It can reveal your true self and can bring out the best (or the worst) in you. Tapos, hindi ba mas sulit yung saya na pagtapos ng lahat ng unos, kayo parin.

Other reality though is, you learn na despite trying, may mga bagay talaga na won’t work. Yung tipong alam mo sa sarili mo na you did everything, you gave it your all. And as hard as it sounds, kelangan talaga minsan mag let go. Yung andami ko talaga nasabi hahah baka akala ng iba humuhugot nako lol. Pero yun nga, despite the heartbreak, it gives you chance to have a fresh start. Who knows, yung fresh start may kalakip na new beginning with someone else di bels?

Ang refreshing lang nung mga ganung story nadaldal tuloy ako. Naalala ko lang, bank pala ako mamaya tapos clocks go forward today so mabibitin ako ng 1 hours na sleep so babush na muna! Next time na yung next na chika ko. Taaaaaaaa!!


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