Random Snippets #13


I couldn’t sleep. As if that was new, lol. Since I’m here, might as well start blurting out random stuff I’ve been thinking about.

– I think that somehow, the month of November has been and is still is the closest to my heart. For some reason, it has left me with nothing but good feels and memories whether from the past, present and hopefully, the future. Tuloy tuloy natin ang sweet November veh. Even the weather is cooperating! I love the wintry feels! <3

– My first term in school is finishing soon but I haven’t started with my essays yet. I may start panicking after this post hahaha!

– I love Scotland. I fell in love with Edinburgh when I first visited in 2014 but for our anniversary, we decided to go the the highlands and everything was so breath taking! Will do a separate blog for this because I want to share some pictures as well!

– I managed to get an elusive Spice Girls ticket but as much as I would want to see them bring my childhood back, half of me wants to just stay at home and just sell it. Still thinking about it though hmmmm..

– I am still in awe of Ed Sheeran’s song writing skills and couldn’t get over the fact the he co-wrote (with Jess Glynne) Little Mix’s Woman like me. It has now become a habit of mine to check who has written these songs I listen to and I’m so impressed!


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