Acan’t Forget, Blabbermouth

ACAn’t Forget #1: The Plan

I always fear that someday, I won’t remember the things I’ve done and how it made me feel which is why I started blogging in the first place. Which is also why I wanted to start this new series I will shamelessly associate my name with: ACAn’t forget! (Get it? Char!). Instead of patiently waiting for throwback thursday to share something from the past, I finally found a new excuse!

It has always been the plan – to go and build a life in California. It seemed so easy and at reach but complicated all at once. There were contradicting paces none of us could figure out. We had different timezones and timelines; My world was a whirlwind while his was stagnation. Looking at those things now with more seasoned eyes, I guess it’s safe to say the plan failed because we weren’t in sync with how to go about it. I am happy and thankful nonetheless. Because the plan will always be a wonderful memory of my youth.

How does this fit in my new blog series? Well because unexpectedly, this time last year, the plan was partly carried out. I was in California. This happened last year but my brain has a way of storing all this information making it look and feel like it just happened yesterday. That’s why I am also just writing about it now lol.

Now that I’m reminscing, I couldn’t help but feel emotional because all those years, the plan has always been there; it has become my guiding force to help me achieve my goals. When it ended, all these plans came crashing and for a moment I felt lost. By some miracle, I never thought there was still a possibility it would happen. Not the way it was originally drafted but still, I was more or less there. Same but different me.


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