Random Snippets #14

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I have never used the library this much all my life! lol. Still lacking 6,000 words for my requirement and here I am chumechelfie cause I’m so drained. Ubusan ng English mga beshies!

Anyway, ano pa ba mga ganap?

I keep on promising on more content pero waley natutupad because I have been busy working full- time plus am also a part time student. Plus I also do extra shifts. Plus I also want to have a bit of life so may mga nasisingit na konting pa have fun jan. Of course, what I am moaning about now doesn’t even match the rest of the legit people out there pero gusto ko lang mang chenez kase I am running out of things to write on my essay so kunware type type lang ng kung ano anong random things para kunwari busy.

I am looking at random questions here about life, love and anything in between so I shall try to answer while I’m still rebooting my brain.

1.What did you want to be when you were a kid?

I always wanted to be a lawyer. I think up to now bet ko parin siya and there’s still that side of me that wants to pursue it but we’ll see! My second option was to become a pre-school teacher. I suuuuper love kids and I would say I’m very patient so pasok ako sa vanga,

2. Favourite social media

Instagram for the artsy cheneler feed/pictures; Twitter for the no filter lakampake content; WordPress for my random writing which I know no one really reads lol pero I’m saving it all for my future reading and Tumblr for hugot and oo nga noh moments.

3. Favourite destination

I haven’t travelled well enough but I would say my number 1 would still be in Zermatt, Switzerland and second is my favourite Iceland and 3rd spot would be Prague. Itong 3 places yung mga tipong okay lang balik balikan ko. 

4. Drunken story time

One too many especially on my prime days. Di pako ready mag share, lol. Next time na lang!

5. Your thoughts on Long distance relationship

Ayan medyo serious question. By the way, these questions I got them from Pinterest kasi nga inaaliw ko sarili ko ngayon. So yun nga, LDR – well it’s not for everyone. I have been in one so madami akong opinyon. Although mahirap, I could say madami din siyang advantages especially for self growth. Naisip ko tuloy this would be a nice topic for a full entry so dun ko nalang pala sagutin. Pero in general, of course may perks. Pero mahirap din. It’s an extra commitment aside from the commitment you have in a relationship. I say extra kasi it takes effort. As in joint effort dapat. Lucky for some kasi new advances in technology makes everything easier. Ako, I started with snail mails. Pero yun nga, discuss ko nalang pala in a separate entry para mai-share ang mga experiences.

6. What is your message to people you’ve hurt

Ay wow, padeep na ng padeep. Siyempre, if I acknowledge na I am not perfect and will at some point hurt anyone. To those people, I am very sorry. 

7. What are you afraid of the most?

In fairness dito sa questions ah, pumapailim na. Parang gusto ko ng mag essay ulet. 

8. What is your biggest mistake and what did you learn?

Sagutin tong questions na to char! My biggest mistake is probably turning my heart into stone because I know I hurt people unintentionally in the process. char!

Andami pang hanash pero pagod nako and tapos na break time ko. Back to work na ulit! Babuuush


2 thoughts on “Random Snippets #14

  1. Jolens says:

    Hello. Sana matapos mo na ang essay mo para makapagsulat ka pa rito, haha. Aabangan ko ‘yung post mo on LDR. May mga opinyon din ako d’yan e, although hindi naman ako sa ekspert so hintayin ko na lang na ikaw ang magsimula ng diskurso (naks). Abangan ko rin ‘yung detailed drunken story time. Lasenggera din ako e, charat. :)

    Good luck sa requirement! :D

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