Incident #509: Sunday Funday

I was supposed to spend my Sunday finishing my essays but it just went polar opposite when someone suddenly decides to mess up my study-mode-mood and focus sa essay train of thought.

I thought I was dreaming, bell was ringing non-stop. I woke up, ran through the stairs until I realised, pucha naka-panty lang pala ako. So I ran back to the room and quickly wore a short that seemed to have no difference length-wise from my underwear. I was still in a good mood and laughing to myself. Then, as I opened the door, an agitated lola started saying things. Take note, in english. I wasn’t prepared for this. Let alone this type of combative, confrontational conversation in english. Naloka ako. All I ended up saying was “I am not gonna” then chuuung, I tried to close the door. But, for that quick second, ang lola niyo, wumawarla! Trying to push the door and get herself in. I tried closing it harder, but still minding her tiny hands as I have no intention of hurting her, lalo na yung majipit sa door at mashutayan ng kuko, ang shaket nun bes! I did eventually get to shut the door and immediately locked it. She was still on it by then. Kulang nalang mag switch it up challenge siya sa driveway. She carried on harrassing the doorbell. Nakakabingi in fairness. After the longest few minutes of my life, she eventually decided to leave. Shet, sana di niya pinagtripan yung kotse.

I have to admit, na-shock ako sa mga pangyayari. I knew something was off but not to this level. A few seconds after I was able to catch my breath, I had to do my next move – report to the police. Shet, english nanaman. The conversation went on and on. Of course, I had to give them a background from when she started acting this way. While relaying what happened, I felt that my hand went really cold and realised that the incident did rattle me a bit. Nkklk. After the report, I just took a seat, did deep breaths and then turned on the kalan to heat my sinigang. Haaaay, I need comfort food.

Honestly, I’ve been in a fight before. Several (boys included) fightssss to be honest and none gave me this same feeling I have now. I just concluded that the difference maybe was because I was still on the young and reckless phase and it was all in tagalog. Today, nawindang ako. English eh!

So to summarise my day, I must say I learned that (1) Wag kakalimutan magsalawal bago magbukas ng pinto and (2) Prepare a permanent “english only” script for when you get in a fight/argument. These 2 important lessons will surely take you to places. Charot!

PS. Sa kaka-english today, parang naubusan nako ng english for my essay. Che!


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