Thirty-Ta Diaries

That was it, guysssshhhh! I have officially graduated from 20s and officially starting a new life wave. Exciting! I have to admit though, I have always imagined a big birthday bash or do something huge (skydive was top list!) for my 30th. I wanted to believe that this was an important milestone thus, a celebration! But then again, do I really have the time and energy for all of that now?

Over the years I noticed how my energy plunged into a massive decline. I no longer crave for the usual stuff I have always thought of doing. I would much rather stay home. A lot of things changed: my beliefs, perceptions, goals; I like to keep things low key and simple now. I try not to overshare and stay away from too much social media; I no longer fret over silly, unimportant things; I’m still the same old me, only a bit brand new? Char! Eto pala yung tinutukoy sa kanta ng A1.

So my theme for my 30th? S E L F – C A R E. I didn’t want to do anything that would require any unwanted effort. Ang gusto ko lang, magpahinga.

10am, I actually woke up to this sight. Breakfast in bed was such a delight parang pwede ba everyday na ito?

The only thing I planned to do was to get my well deserved massage. It’s too expensive from this side of the world (£42) as compared to the ones back home but I owe it to my body so I had to indulge. Ang sherep lang talaga.

Relaxing music. Heated bed. Zen music. The peace, the calm – exactly how I wanted my 30th year to be.

For the rest of the day, we just watched Aquaman, quick dinner and played a few games and then reunited with my bed and my current read. Happy days ❤️

I think by now, one of the most important thing I learned was how it’s vital to appreciate the quiet moments; yung walang background noise from negative thoughts, unsolicited opinions, self doubt or even social media. Yung focus ka lang on the people who show genuine love and support for you; and also, treat yourself din, even for just 1 day kasi deserve mo yan.

Cheers to more fruitful years ahead and cheers to myself! Char! Laters mga besh!


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