Random Snippets

Random Snippets #17


My usual routine of winter hibernation has gone totally off course – my hands were packed and now that the sun is setting a bit later than 3pm, I feel that all the things that kept me so busy this season is finally taking it’s toll on my body. Man, I am just so tired. But, but, but! On the brighter side of things, some weight has finally come off my shoulders. Yaaaaaas!!!!


When I left the motherland, the thought of 5 years seemed like a long time. A lot has happened and it was not always a bed of roses. Gusto mo yong may pa Bon- Jovi ako? Charrr! It has been a learning experience having lived an independent life, trying to fend for my own. 5 years later, I am still here hustlin’ in what I can now officially call my second, permanent home. In other words, hello I.L.R and goodbye £3.1k lol! I’m gonna my experience on the process and I’ll post in on a separate entry soon.


Also, we’re moving houses and this time it’s just gonna be me and the hubs. Not that I didn’t enjoy the company of my previous housemates but it is somewhat nice to actually have a feel of being a husband and wife in your own little home.


Uni’s getting more and more complex. Last session, I didn’t understanding a thing. Or, boobita lang siguro talaga ako sa math. Anyway, this and 1 more term and I’m almost finished with my first year! Pagdasal po nating maigapang ko siya.


I’ve had my eyes checked recently and I finally know what’s wrong with my always dry, sensitive and achy eyes. And I also love my new frames lakas maka millenial! #Thirtyta


Just finished watching Kingdom on Netflix and OMG it’s so good kaso what a cliffhanger I can’t wait for the next ep! I’ve also been watching Luther, Sex Educatio and I love it too!


Currently obsessing on Lany and good thing they’re playing here soon and I just scored some tickets! I miss going to concerts sana we can make it to any one of the festivals this summer. Sana di ma-busy ulit.




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