Random Snippets

Random Snippets #18: Diwataaaaaa

Felt the urge to write here because wala lang. I randomly heard one of my favourite jams in high school while hubby’s scrolling on his fb feed and hey all I remember are wonderful memories. Nakaka good mood lang. The song by the way was Indio-I’s Diwata. And I still remember all the lyrics by heart nakakatuwa. I am thanking all those who influenced me to listen to this musical genre (reggae) nadala ko hanggang sa pagtanda.


We also just finished watching Goyo and I unconsiously started to sing along with the closing credits. For some reason, I knew the song Bato sa buhangin. Windang yung asawa ko, char!


I-share something that made me laugh so hard today since naumpisahan ko narin naman na. I kenat!




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