Saturday Gluttony & more snippets

My 2 god children got baptised yesterday and I literally just ate the whole day of Saturday. I wish I could say I only had small portions but it was a proper binge session from the time I woke up (10 ish) until midnight. What’s funny was that I felt guilty the whole time I took a serving of sisig or paksiw or lechon but that didn’t stop me anyway. Iba talaga if you’re just thinking about it but you’re doing the opposite anyway. Haaay. Back to square one again with diet hahaha (as if that’s new!).

We’ve finally settled in our new flat! There’still a tiny part of me that feels we’re living in a hotel or in a B&B from one of our travels but I’m enjoying the view from our decent sized balcony, the smaller area to clean & the freedom of just being carefree- like no need to be fully clothed all the time hahahah! Also, we’re saving a bit of gas since we now just walk to work cause it’s nearer the hospital and since it’s right behind the station, I no longer struggle waking up extra early on my uni days.

Spring is just around the corner and usually by this time, I start making plans of ganaps and plot annual leaves for the next calendar year which usually starts April here in UK. Kaso, I can’t seem to wrap my head around the whole circus of school, work and life I feel like I’m just tired all the time and I don’t want to do anything. All I could ever really think of right now is hoping to go home soon.


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