Random Snippets

Random Snippets #19

Thought block. My brain is dry. I am currently trying to finish another round of essays and I think I’ve exhausted everything I have for today hence, the random entry. Maybe this will allow me to reset my neurons. So, watsap por yu?


Last Tuesday, we went to watch Lany at O2 Academy Brixton. I’m not the biggest fan but I do like and sing along to most of their songs plus tickets were cheap! In fairness, they’ve impressed me. Paul Jason Klein’s (Kelangan whole name talaga?) voice was exactly the same and if not better live and his energy on stage is quite infectious. Kitang-kita mo talaga na he’s enjoying and todo-bigay with all the kadyot-kadyot moves niya on top of the piano lol. I did enjoy the feel-good vibes the whole night.


We just finished watching After Life on Netflix last night and I’ve got to admit I didn’t expect to be so moved by Ricky Gervais’ acting. I guess I was just so used to seeing him doing comedy but this series (which he also wrote and directed) was just superb and I was tearin’ up each episode kasi damang-dama ko talaga siya. I am nothing but grateful for the life I have now despite how hard it is at times. There’s also a lot of powerful lines to live by and one that struck me was ”Happiness is amazing. It’s so amazing it doesn’t matter if it’s yours or not”.


During one of my heart to heart talks with one of my closest friends here, it was brought up about how sometimes you just get so caught up with work all the time that even on days off you don’t even have the energy to do anything because you would rather rest and conserve what is left of your katawang lupa for the another day at work. It’s a vicious cycle, one that we can never escape but, as I reminded him, we can always find ways (wow BDO ba itey?) to make it worthwile di ba? Find a hobby or experience something new just to break the monotony. We can’t allow ourselves to be enslaved by our jobs because reality is, we’ll never know when our time is up or when our body suddenly decides it just can’t function anymore. Kalma din minsan sa kayod beh. Aanhin mo pa yung madami kang pera pero di mo din naman nagamit sa mga bagay bibigyan ka ng saya. Thanks for coming to my TED talk, charot!

In line with this, siyempre di pwedeng hanggang advice lang ako. I also have to apply it sa totoong buhay. Little by little, I tried to recall things that I’ve always wanted to experience, something that is more achievable and short term and arranged for it to happen. So far, I have 3 pending ganaps and I can’t wait to tell you more about it (once it happens siyempre). I’ve also been thinking of hibernating on social media again – mainly Facebook ( I’ve completed 7 months last year, wooot!) and Instagram just so I have more time to be in the moment. April perhaps?


Also, thanks to all my avid readers a.k.a my future self. I hope one day when you’re 50 or so, you won’t roll your eyes so much reading all the randomness your present self has been writing here. Pasensya nadin kung may wrong spelling or grammar, I’m not perfect hahaha charot!


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