Aca-sabihan, Random Snippets

Random Snippets #21

15 May | 02:23H

I couldn’t sleep again. This is normal. I guess it’s my prime indicator that I’m well after my 2-week sickness.




I’ve just started reading the After series by Anna Todd and as much as there are parts that I hate about it, I am actually drawn to it. I’m currently on 2/5 books and I must say, my now tita self disapproves of the seemingly toxic and unhealthy bickering but looking back at my previous teenage naive self, I can actually relate. Of course I wouldn’t want to give away too many spoilers about the book but yes, I am hooked!

Oddly enough, on hours that I’m adulting and not reading, my mind tends to drift off, remembering my past years and comparing my similarities in terms of impulsiveness to Tess, the female protagonist. You know that stage where you’re just too in love and the only way going forward was to stick with that person and fight against all odds until the end. As in forever and ever. That was the idea back then. That was sort of my norm. My baseline. Too much romcoms and happy ending movies I guess. I thought it was noble and the right thing to do at the time. And man, even the way I defied friends, family and especially my Mama all those years just to get what I want makes me wanna cringe. But the experience was a vital chapter in my character building (taraaaay). I’ve learned more about life and love and it comforts me knowing there were a lot of happy moments so no regrets. Only facepalms and shaking of head. I will stop here before I go on divulging more details about the book lol.



I miss traveling. I aim to travel more and practice more photography and videography but warm and sunny England makes me want to just stay home and read. Thirtyta me is such a bore.



I haven’t watched Avengers End Game yet because I’m part of a small percentage of people who goes after all the hype has died down. I am also unbothered by spoilers so yeah. Add to that, I also haven’t started on the last season of GOT because hey, I’m also on that spectrum where bingeing the whole complete series is more reasonable. Worth the wait right?


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