I finally had time see what the hype is all about! We started watching Money Heist around noon yesterday (Saturday) and as of writing, ongoing padin ang lola niyo! Before I go into my unsolicited reflections, I feel like I just have to say this show is BRILLIANT, periodt.

I wasn’t meaning to write anything but I can’t help but reflect on Tokyo’s ganap here in this show. If I watched this show when I was younger I would maybe applaud 2 of the main characters’ love affair but seeing things through a tita perspective, I can’t help but be annoyed. Nakakainis, nakakaloka, napaka selfish, immature, puro pag-ibig, pabigla bigla ng desisyon, di pinagiisipan ang mga bagay. My exact comments whilst watching to the point of feeling my blood boiling over how impulsive and destructive this Tokyo-Rio love affair was. Tapos, napatanong nalang ako sa sarili ko – was I Tokyo when I was younger?

Siguro, eto yung sakit ng ulo na nabigay ko sa mama ko before only 10x more pero not on a heist-barilan levels. At a young age, nothing else mattered kundi love and barkada. Ganun pala ano? You just get really lost in the moment. Puro emosyon, alab ng damdamin. Pero kelangan mapagdaanan kasi at the end of the day, madaming natututunan. Not that I’m regretting my decisions back then because I’m still grateful naman pero alam mo yung mapapa kamot ka nalang sa ulo when remembering everything.

I’m also amazed how much maturity can change one’s perceptions about love ano? Although everything is more calculated now, nakakabilib padin how fearless we can be all in the name of the person we adore. Basta, basta! Dami ko ng hanash lol, tapusin ko na nga lahat to!


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