Random Snippets

Random Snippets #24


Dear Self,

I feel like everytime I write here, all I do is rant about how stressed I have been. Pasensya na 😝 but, that’s one of the reasons this blog is here di ba? When I’m bored, I re-read random posts and I can’t help but laugh at myself kasi ang OA ko din naman talaga minsan. So yeah, I feel na these random snippets will soon be replaced by rants real soon.

So ayun na nga.

I have recently finished another module and my requirements for uni so I feel so mentally drained right now. And as much as I want to take back all those sleepless nights, my brain just won’t stop torturing me, forcing me to think of random stuff and eto, magblog. Hay. Konting push nalang, matatapos din ang lahat.


For some reason, my sense of smell has been so bibo lately and I might sound weird pero I feel relaxed when I smell particular scents. Alam mo yung nung bata ka tapos magpapa gasolina tapos sisinghutin mo talaga yung amoy? Ganung levels! Ngayon, I love the smell of a newly hoovered carpet, lalo na yung sa hallway ng flat namin and at work. Tapos for past 6 months I’ve been obsessed with these:

It was an incidental find sa isang spa when were recently in the Philippines. I just loved the scent and the cooling sensation it gives. So far I’ve been alternating all 3 depending on my mood. I also had to retire my dependence on Vicks and replaced it with these for when I need a semi quick sleep fix (a.k.a applying a little on my lid).


I have yet to blog about my recent trip to Iceland (actually nasa drafts lang siya but still too tamad to tuloy the details) but you know sometimes I just unconsciously look at the sky and start looking for Aurora B nakakalurky! I wish we had that here in the UK. I still even check the app and get excited with a high kpr even if I know na napakalayo ko naman. Aca-weirdo ka talaga.


I want to make my tito’s dreams of watching Wimbledon come true so here I am, randomly searching for ways to get a centrecourt ticket hahhaa. Of course I know pahirapan but just in case someone finds this entry and has experience watching a game live, please give me some tips!


Avril lavigne, pussycat dolls, slipknot, dua lipa all announced shows for next year. Sakit sa heart and bulsa pag nagkataon. Pengeng sponsors please, charrr!



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