Tsinelas, bow.

After 6 years, my havs finally retired. Maybe it’s my hormones making me emotional and nostalgic over a pair of slippers but somehow, anything that reminds me of that day I left home or connected to my move is a trigger. Maybe I’m just home sick.

There’s also that angle of ‘nothing lasts forever’ kasi nga naman tsinelas yan. Anlayo ng connection but it’s making me reflect about life. Yung wear and tear, di lang applicable sa gamit, sa tao din. The sad reality is sa gamit, you kind of know when it’s time to break down kasi it shows you signs. And there’s also that bit where you can replace it – mas maganda at bago, mas matibay, mas tumatagal. Pero sa tao, we’ll never really know. Malingat ka lang, pwedeng wala na pala.

Tapos napaisip nanaman ako. I think I would categorise my self as career oriented. There’s so much more I want to achieve for my self, my growth in terms of career. I am even open to leaving the comfort of my 12-minute walk to and from work just to pursue something bigger and brighter. Pero with tsinelas’ lifespan ending, napaisip ulit ako. What if this is telling me to slow down. To reassess my goals and just focus my energy on what I have here and now. Baka chasing my idea of a successful career should be left as an idea, or I can just modify it.

Oh di ba sa napigtas na tsinelas nag reassess ako ng life goals. But seriously, I need to take a break from getting myself into so much ganaps and focus on 1 or 2 priorities muna.


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