Nakatambay lang ako dito sa sofa, killing time until I feel sleepy so I just played youtube videos on the telly. Suddenly, this lockdown is making me feel nostalgic so I decided to watch random videos from my account and I happen to click through this:

I made this video in 2017 for our wedding, with the aim of being practical para di na magpa pre-nup shoot and all. Bawas effort and gastos. But now that I’m watching this, di ko maiwasang mapangiti at maisip na buti nalang, inexperience ko yang mga ganap na yan.

Growing up, I didn’t have the luxury of travelling for leisure. Apart from mahal siya, I also live up north which meant napakalayo. Idagdag pa yung only child, only girl aketch so naturally, I wouldn’t be allowed. The only consolation I had was that school and even when I started working, both would send me here and there for trainings or seminars so in a way, nakapag lakwatsa din naman ako. When I moved abroad for work, I took this as an opportunity na mag scrung pag may time and money and it just made me so happy and relaxed. I promised myself na from this point forward, I will spend money on experiences and making memories, kebs na muna sa mga material things.

Buti nalang, ginawa ko yang mga yan.

Now that we’re on lockdown, di ko po maiwasang magisip isip. And looking at these videos, or even going through my albums, alam mo yung feeling na parang uy self, this was a wise move. Di naman ako genius, mayaman or whatever pero yung mga pinagka gastusan kong lakwatsa andami kong nasheshare na lessons to my friends or even random people na nagri-reach out to ask. Andami rin naming napagkekwentuhan ng asawa ko kasi andaming bloopers and fail minsan mapapatanong ka nalang kung ano bang pumasok sa isip mo nung mga panahong yun; It also helped me gain perspective especially about different cultures and lifestyle. I also get to know myself better, and up to which level I can allow myself to be uncomfortable. Ito siguro yung magiging isa sa mga kayamanan ko, yung I allowed myself to see some parts of the world and actually enjoy it. Bonus na yung I get to capture it on pictures/videos. Follow me on youtube charrr!

Hopefully matapos na tong virus na to nang makabalik na ulit sa pageexplore. Of course, I won’t expect that it will be the same for everyone but do give it a try though. Travel, or if di pa kaya, try a new restaurant; Watch a movie or concert, try a new hobby or learn something new. Kahit ano basta maiba lang and para mabreak dim yung monotony. Life is so short, let’s all live it well.


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