It’s always nice and comforting to have the chance to speak to someone who share the same experience/ sentiments as you. Alam mo yung you feel like you’re not alone in whatever you’re going through, and that there’s someone who understands and gets your situation. They can also offer you a different perspective because they’ve lived through it. Also, parang you’re not afraid to hold back or filter any information – all you do is release all those bottled up thoughts, emotions and even fears kasi alam and relate sila.

I pray that we all get the oppotunity to release – I know lahat tayo may iba-ibang pinagdadaanan sa buhay. I hope everyone finds a person who listens and understands. Minsan kasi, as much as we have people around us willing to listen, there’s this different level of security you get if you share it with someone who gets it. There’s also that feeling na, you’re not alone and there’s someone else living your truth and that they’re actually okay, or that they’re finding ways to cope and hope.


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