Super productive day. Despite the insomnia kicking in the night before, I still woke up quite early.

It has been really tough at work plus it’s my second consecutive ‘on-call’ weekend so I’ve literally worked 14 straight days and man, I’m just so knackered – mentally, physically and even emotionally. This second wave of the virus is proving to be more challenging and it doesn’t help that every single query just defaults to our team. Ang hirap besh.

Anyway, going back to Saturday, despite my endless moaning of how tired I am, I blame my sudden burst of productivity to the elusive sun as it finally decided to showup. I finally get to draw all the blinds back to let the house soak up the sunshine (for natural disinfection) and I get to clear all the pile of leaves from our driveway with my magical walis tingting! All these done whilst simultaneously sending reports and taking calls from work. Taray, multi-tasker choz!

I also managed to fit in some sort of exercise = tiktok! Hahaha! I’m happy cause at least I finally get to do something physical that I enjoy rather than sulk and body shame myself but doing absolutely nothing about it. Good news is somehow I lost some weight (konting-konti palang but at least may progress!) and my endurance to perform any physical activity has improved. Bongga!

In the evening I watched a bit of K-drama + BTS, a lot of self-care activities and now in bed waiting to finally doze off so here’s me writing about my day. Nkkhppy! I hope tomorrow, sa essay ko naman ako sipagin. Lol. Taaaaaaaa!


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