I can’t sleep” – one of my overly used hanash in my lifetime. I can’t really pinpoint when and how it started and I just learned to live with it over time.

I’ve had better days nights where I do very little intervention. Pero some nights are just so dragging na all you can do is wait. I wish it’s as easy as “basta pikit mo lang mata mo” or the very nanay talak na “wag kasi puro cellphone bago matulog“. Kaso hinde eh. Sino ba naman may gustong laging puyat di ba?


Ika nga ni google, it can be caused by different things, and can be managed through different methods like adjusting your routines, using different sleeping stimulants like essential oils, music and medication. Kaso, some people don’t understand na if it’s something related to stress, anxiety or depression – it’s like a dark cloud hanging over your head constantly pouring a variety of thoughts (mostly negative) that is difficult to escape from. Alam mo yung para kang nageexam at babatuhin ka ng different scenarios and every answer you pick has consequences thay may haunt you and make you more awake. Anjan din minsan yung mga what ifs, self doubt and basically anything that just pops in one’s mind which can be very dangerous. I keep thinking sana yung mga scientist can find a way to show visually what happens inside so other people would understand and think na paandar lang to.


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