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6:1 | 01:51

We were chatting aimlessly a few days ago about getting to meet our favourite musicians, so I excitedly related the time I met Armi from UDD. Not because they didn’t believe me, but I just felt the need to provide them with proof, so I looked through my archives and showed them my blog post from 2012, at which point I said to myself, “Thank God I documented this so I can reflect on the experience and perhaps share it with anyone.”

After a while, life and adulting took control and I lost all interest in making an entry. But now I understand why I actually began this in the first place: I want to relive the happy moments and reflect on the sad and terrible ones. So, here I am again, trying to resurrect my writing so I can amuse myself in the future. Let’s see see if I can keep this up and how 2023 unfolds.

Happy new year everyone! Xx


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