#ThirtytaDiaries: Unang Hakbang

I know most people I know did 30 things before turning such age. I did plan on doing that too kaso, tinamad at nagprocastinate. But I think it still is a good idea to do a list now that I'm actually 30 so at least I have something to keep me busy (as if I'm … Continue reading #ThirtytaDiaries: Unang Hakbang

Thirty-Ta Diaries

That was it, guysssshhhh! I have officially graduated from 20s and officially starting a new life wave. Exciting! I have to admit though, I have always imagined a big birthday bash or do something huge (skydive was top list!) for my 30th. I wanted to believe that this was an important milestone thus, a celebration! … Continue reading Thirty-Ta Diaries

Maffu Dambel: Hampas Lupa Experience

Mā-ffu Dámbēl • Mmmma-foo Dahm bhelllllll | Verb, Adj | 1. Popular Itawes expression of friends joking around pertaining to who did it better and whoever loses is stupid 2. Way of taunting a person/ group of people telling them they're basically losers. Charooooooot! You might be wondering, ano bang connection ng title sa post na … Continue reading Maffu Dambel: Hampas Lupa Experience