Maffu Dambel: Hampas Lupa Experience

Mā-ffu Dámbēl • Mmmma-foo Dahm bhelllllll | Verb, Adj | 1. Popular Itawes expression of friends joking around pertaining to who did it better and whoever loses is stupid 2. Way of taunting a person/ group of people telling them they're basically losers. Charooooooot! You might be wondering, ano bang connection ng title sa post na … Continue reading Maffu Dambel: Hampas Lupa Experience

Year 27: A Change of Pace

I'd like to believe that by this time, I've had a good number of weeks (22 days to be exact) to absorb everything major that has happened. I would love to share you the blow by blow account, every detail, every word, every emotion I felt but I would spare you the boring details and cut … Continue reading Year 27: A Change of Pace