Aca-ganapan, Aca-nthoughts


I had an operation today.

This was supposed to be done last September. I was already prepped in the unit and did the whole she-bang but due to unforseeable circumstances, they had to cancel it and reschedule 2 months later. But I have to admit, during that first almost experience my anxiety level was through the roof. I was so sure I would die pwera biro. Siguro OA lang or exag kineme lang ako but I just had this nagging feeling (na through the years never proved me wrong) so talagang I already played with the thought na I wouldn’t make it. Tapos ayun, na-cancel. I had nothing but a sigh of relief. Siguro this was a sign. Siguro wala naman talagang ganap, ako lang talaga. I knew I needed the procedure, but not that day.

I’m very supersitious, plus I grew up with a lot of luck/feng shui chinese chenez background (lolo sa tuhod was pure chinese) so I’m big on vibes and energy and all those lucky kineme. When I was given my new date- 11/11, I felt good about it. From my numerology, 11 is my lucky number and unlike the first one, I didn’t stress too much, which just convinced me na something was really odd nung huli (or paranoid lang siguro ako). Fast forward to the actual day of procedure, everything just ran smoothly. Compared to the last time, I also had good vibes from my Anaesthetic team cause she explained everything in detail – how the general anaesthetic will affect me, worst case scenarios but also reassured me of the process- which was very comforting. I was also first on the list this time, so di ako sobrang gutom na gutom lol.

See, as a nurse with a background of working in Orthopaedics (pre & post op care) plus I also worked in an orthopaedic theatre, I kind of had an idea how the whole process works perioperatively. Pero ibang-iba pala if it’s from a patient perspective. I guess what I am finding amusing as of this time (hours post-op) is from the time I was in the anaesthetic room to when I woke up in recovery. Literal na ANYAREH TEH!? As soon as I entered the room, everything just happened simultaneously and my last memory was I was given IV medication that made me feel powerless, numb and then o2 mask initially then gas and the next thing I know, I can hear people chatting and my throat was aching (prolly from the tube). I struggled to open my eyes, felt really groggy and from my blurred vision can see I was in the recovery room. Dozed on and off a few times and can remember some of my former colleagues came to see me (vision still impaired cause I had no glasses and I could barely make out who they were through their voices and yung parang outline ng katawan) pero I was too bangag I just kept smiling then tulog ulit. After an hour or so plus a couple of pain killers and anti sickness medicines in between, I was wheeled back to the ward. Aside from bangag padin ako, I was also starving kaso a) it was still a struggle to swallow and b) walang kanin. I had tea and toast – so it was extra hard lumunok with it’s texture nkklk.

Hours later, I was discharged, slept for a while and now here I am writing about the experience for my log and future reminiscing. I still feel weak and beat with some other weird and new stuff happening, plus I still need to wait for some results but overall, I’m okay, and alive! Taaaa!

Aca-ganapan, Married Life

Farewell, 699.

6 years, 5 post codes.

Today, we surrendered our keys for 699. It was bittersweet because despite our short (11 months) stay, I would say it was one of the most memorable times of our married life. That small space was a witness to a lot of tears and struggles; a whole lot of laughter and random conversations; daydreaming and making plans for the future; discovering what we both want and how we both are; we also got to experience that sense of being mag-asawa to its truest form. We made it our own home and filled it with love, laughter, lots of music and of course, food. Haaay. Good times.

I will miss going home to 699 but, I am hoping to make similar happy and unforgettable memories in our new home. I now get why Holly (Hilary Duff) from The Perfect Man hated moving and kept yearning for a sense of home. Mahirap pala talaga. I think over the years when I was still back home in Pinas, we only ever moved once and that was for the long haul. Since I moved here in the UK, I’ve actually moved into 5 different addresses (1. Accomodation 2. Roselaine 3. 105 NP 4. 91 NP 5. 699 CD) already. And let me just tell you, nakakapagod. But yes, I am positive that this 6th and final move (not unless our plans change lol) will start a brand new exciting chapter into our lives. Also, this is another level of adulting so wish us luck! Taaaa!



#ThirtytaDiaries: Unang Hakbang

I know most people I know did 30 things before turning such age. I did plan on doing that too kaso, tinamad at nagprocastinate. But I think it still is a good idea to do a list now that I’m actually 30 so at least I have something to keep me busy (as if I’m not) and say nung trenta ako, eto yung mga ginawa ko.


Dancing has always been a big part of my life. I even wanted a career out of it. I’m not saying ang galing galing ko ha cause I know I’m not it’s just that it gives me so much joy and a different type of high. All I ever dreamt of was to become one of Michael Jackson’s back up. So nung nategi siya, I told myself ay, si aunti Janet nalang pala muna or Destiny’s child kasi sila yung uso. I did join clubs and contests in college but there were just too many things happening around me I had to take a step back and focus on my studies and later on, my career.

Yung step back ko, never nang nagstep forward ulit. I got too caught up with everything kinalimutan ko yung isa sa mga bagay na nagpapasaya sakin. Since my project 30 is about indelible memories and reconnecting with my passions (gusto mo yong may pa theme ako? Hahaha), it was just right to start it with dancing. Ayan na, finally taking my first step forward. Hasthag Ang unang hakbang.

Parang ang daling sabihin nung unang hakbang but I’ve actually lost all confidence to do it. I’ve searched for numerous programmes available- yung beginner friendly (dahil my skills are basically back to 0) and di sing mahal because you know, a true Tita is well versed with the term value for money. Luckily, I found one that offers a free trial session. Paaaak! Thiz iz it!

Napaaakaaahabaaa nung chika ko but to cut it a bit short (wow ha) I finally took classes after so many years of uncertainty and procastinatiob. Unfortunately, no videos or pictures were taken kasi nabusy ang lola nyo. I’m rubbish now compared to when I was so active but I was just so happy doing it ayoko na ngang umuwi.

I guess what I learned from this experience is that despite getting caught up with all your responsibilities like bills or work and everything adulting, wag din kakalimutan yung responsibility to yourself to make time to do the things that make you happy. Napaka iksi ng life! We will never really know when our time is due thus grab every opportunity or take chances as soon as possible.

Hanggang sa muli! Taaaaa!