GanapList 1: Wake the Board!

I’m not getting any younger so, I want to try and experience everything while I can. So, I made a promise to myself to try to conquer as many fears that I can and do as many activities that I only dreamed of doing thus, commencing my GanapList 1: Wakeboard!

I’m not a very good swimmer, I just know the basics and I run out of breath really fast so when it comes to water sports, I kind of dread it. So when invited to go wakeboarding, it took me quite a while to get my mind conditioned. Ang hirap teh! Hahaha. I know I wanted to, but I also kept thinking I won’t be able to do it because of my poor swimming skills. Kelangan ko pa ng 1 on 1 session with Ate Dyesebel to improve.

Daming intro! Fast forward to the actual day:

After a very stressing graveyard shift, I went home around half 8 and went straight to sleep and get energized. I woke up around 1400 at told my self: Thiz iz it, but first, I have to eat. Lol. Linantakan ko muna ang shenegang before going to the park.

So when we got to the wakepark, ngatog levels na! There were a lot of people, which wasn’t really good for my confidence. I was very excited for the new experience yet I was really scared of the swimming part and not being able to get myself up on the board. I cursed myself a lot silently, tapos tagalog para ako lang nakakaintinde. After sorting everything out, I was asked to watch some instructional video, orienting me about the process, the park and I honestly couldn’t process any of it when I saw the part that said “must be a good swimmer, at least can swim 50m”. Shetland shetland shetland, buti nalang may life insurance na ako. Charaught. After that, I went to get my gear, and had to change into a wetsuit which I think took me 5 hours to get into. Ang hirap teh! After those gruelling hours (ok minutes lang talaga) of changing, I had to wait for a few minutes since there was an ongoing beginners session. Grab this chance, photo documentation!

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Fastforward again to my actual session: Of course my instructor was British so instructions were purely english (duh!?) and nosebleed bakla! hahahaha! So when I got to the water, ang lameeeeeeeeg! And then, a few deep breaths, it’s time. Paaaaak

I learned the hard way. First pull was a disaster as I expected. Pull, try to stand then fall, ingest lake water, then repeat. I think that went on for about 5 more times until I was already doing a self pep talk “Aca, ayusin mo. Aca kaya mo to! Aca ano ba yang ginagawa mo, you can do it!” I was so worried as well because I was afraid my contacts would fall off and I drank too much lake water I was already getting drunk. Until, viola! I managed to stand and balance myself for a few meters, fell and then did it again. Second lap, I was able to finally do it! (Video proof to follow)

It was hard work really. My body’s aching all over since I don’t have much exercise. Balance, grip and not panicking did the trick. Despite all that, it was definitely FUN! Despite the body aches I have not I definitely enjoyed that ride and promise myself to come back soon.


Party @ Nether Priors

My Lamyerda saga continues.. But before I get there, here’s whats happened before yet another journey. 

May 17. Just a small birthday party for our dear Ian and Angelo at Nether Priors.  

     It was also my first time to play Beer Pong! I surprisingly did good and won my first game.. And eventually sucked so bad which made my gut almost bleed of alcohol. Choz! It was a fun game though, unless you’re the OC type cause there’s a degree of grossness into it (or maybe it was just how we played the game, but so what we were cleansing ourselves with alcohol anyway lol)

With my lovely beckys!   

With the birthday boy and Kim.  


with some Spanish chicas who totally digs the Duck face look




And the birthday Boys + Half a Boy  


And the group selfie would never end. Parang ako me birthday?