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I find myself dreaming of people close or used to be close to me dying lately and I can’t quite process if I should do something or leave it as it is? Di ko naman sila matappe or furyatan kasi arrayyu me and awan tu facebook ku to say hey/hello, chariz. Maybe this is nothing.


I’ve started my curly girl journey… ay I’ll write it in a separate entry nalang pala so I can make kwento of how I went through the whole process plus the products I use.


Unpopular opinion: I wasn’t really crazy about where the crawdads sing (read the book, still thinking if I should watch the movie); also wasn’t a fan of Purple Hearts. I mean, there are some kilig moments but as a whole, I kind of expected more.


Aca-hit Anetchiwa, Aca-nthoughts


Overthinking at 1am.

Pros – quiet, calm – externally.

Cons – you tend to dig in deeper hence mind races so fast you overthink about what you are already overthinking about.

Lol. Gulo. Anyway, hi blog. I’ve been neglecting you and well, I’ll try to make it up to you, soon. xx

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Starting a new leaf

My endless pursuit for memory keeping has led me into the lines of diaries, scrapbooking and bullet journaling which I would only pay attention to once I’m in the mood or if I have a shiny new notebook. Thankfully, 2016 gave me so much inspiration that pushed me to include this in my daily routine.

3 years later, my Leuchtturm1917 finally has to retire and my hunt for a replacement has begun and ended too soon. But before I talk about literally a new leaf, let me quickly share my love and appreciation for my first ever legit bujo.

I say legit cause I’ve only ever been a good starter but never really done anything or finished a whole journal/planner/diary until this one. Before I lose track, here are some of the things I love about the A5 Leuchtturm1917:

  • Numbered pages and easy indexing
  • Back pocket for all the bits and pieces
  • Minimalist design
  • Excellent paper quality
  • Option between lined, grid or dotted
  • Easy buy through Amazon Prime
  • Lasted me for 3 years

Although I really loved everything about it, I wanted to make my life a tad easier and explore something pre-filled with weekly/monthly calendars and space for random musings. I originally wanted Winnie Wong’s The Everyday journal but I’m still having troubles sourcing it so I had to find something similar locally that would satisfy my obsession with listing, writing and personalisation. Luckily, thanks to the internet and random related advertisements I found my next one from Papier!

I’ve geared off my normal black and gray plain hues only and chose a bit of a bold design which I felt that sort of represents me (?). Of course, the personalised title and initials won me over. I can’t wait to spend the next 52 weeks with this one and surely, you’ll hear from me again soon!