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2022 | 02:10

I haven’t been home (as in Tugue home) in a long while and seeing how much things have changed makes me all the more home sick. Bigla kong maiisip kumain ng cauliflower pops and the unbeatable gulaman sa Cafe Michelle/Hotel Roma then after, maglakad lakad sa Calle Commercio until I get to security bank na parkingan ng Caggay. I smile at the thought but then also remind myself na surely, a lot of things would have changed in 5 years.



Currently playing: Falling by Harry Styles

It’s cold and gloomy outside thus feeling a bit senti. All I could think of are these dates: August 2018 and July 2020. I want to cry and imagine what could’ve been if only… but, I have to snap out of this constant daydreaming and remind myself that it has not happened the way I imagined it for a reason.