This is gold. Legit happens to me all the time. Honestly it can sometimes be a struggle because half of me wants to speak my mind and let them hear my piece while the other half just doesn’t give a f*ck and thinks its a waste of time, energy to even argue.

I’m sure we all went through this shit – people thinking they know the whole story when in fact, they absolutely have no idea what went down. And the audacity for them to talk about other people’s business and post in social media is just appalling considering they’re not one bit involved in the whole issue. I mean, are their lives that boring to meddle with someone else’s lives?


Progress report

You come to a certain point in your life where you ask yourself: am I having any progress? You begin to doubt yourself, start regretting things you’ve done or should’ve done. You become too hard on yourself. Beat yourself up for wasting your life away. For wasting time. You ponder on opportunities you let past. Relationships ruined. All mistakes, all frustrations, all the uncertainties.

What am I doing with my life?

But then again, progress is still progress. Don’t compare yourself with other people’s success and question your position. No matter how tiny or how far you leapt, you still got somewhere – and that matters. You have different priorities. Different circumstance. You’ve made difficult decisions. You are different and unique. More importantly, in between everything, no matter how hard or chaotic or complicated your life is, was, you had your small victories. Learn to cherish, appreciate and celebrate them.

Life is too short to dwell on regret, mistakes, the past, anger and comparison. What matters is you are here now. You may not be the best version of yourself yet but, you’re also not the same person you were yesterday. Each day is a learning process. Each day you are given the opportunity to progress, to improve and to inspire.



Daydreaming about going on a roadtrip

Listening to Genesis by Dua Lipa

Drinking Tequila with friends

Smelling Jasmine candle scent

Feeling reminiscent; emotional

Thinking of life’s series of changes and what not

Time Check: 00:21H
Yesterday was my last day at work in Theatres. The year I’ve spent in this place made me realise loads of things about myself and what I want in my career. I want interaction with patients; I want to be actively involved in the care. I’ve also learned that I won’t put up with some surgeon’s attitudes at giving them everything they demand for; 🙄😂 That I’m not built for this type of job, and that it just made me so unhappy. So, I quit (after I got a new job offer course). It was bitter sweet though, cause as much as I didn’t enjoy the actual work, I had plenty of fun with the people I worked with. I was wretched to leave just because of them. 😢

I wonder what my future will be in my new post. Wish me luck!