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ACAn’t Forget #1: The Plan

I always fear that someday, I won’t remember the things I’ve done and how it made me feel which is why I started blogging in the first place. Which is also why I wanted to start this new series I will shamelessly associate my name with: ACAn’t forget! (Get it? Char!). Instead of patiently waiting for throwback thursday to share something from the past, I finally found a new excuse!

It has always been the plan – to go and build a life in California. It seemed so easy and at reach but complicated all at once. There were contradicting paces none of us could figure out. We had different timezones and timelines; My world was a whirlwind while his was stagnation. Looking at those things now with more seasoned eyes, I guess it’s safe to say the plan failed because we weren’t in sync with how to go about it. I am happy and thankful nonetheless. Because the plan will always be a wonderful memory of my youth.

How does this fit in my new blog series? Well because unexpectedly, this time last year, the plan was partly carried out. I was in California. This happened last year but my brain has a way of storing all this information making it look and feel like it just happened yesterday. That’s why I am also just writing about it now lol.

Now that I’m reminscing, I couldn’t help but feel emotional because all those years, the plan has always been there; it has become my guiding force to help me achieve my goals. When it ended, all these plans came crashing and for a moment I felt lost. By some miracle, I never thought there was still a possibility it would happen. Not the way it was originally drafted but still, I was more or less there. Same but different me.

Acan’t Forget

It’s the little things

You know how they always say the best moments happen when unplanned? I was just reminded by Timehop one of those awesome times.

Rewind to 1 year ago…

As we were starting to build our home together, one of the things that excite us is furniture shopping. We had just invested in a new set of sofa and our living room was slowly but surely coming to life and was just missing a centre table to match.

We didn’t want to spend a fortune over a new one so we went to Facebook marketplace for some secondhand items. I then found the Ikea table I was looking for for only 10 quid (versus the brand new price of 60); checked the map which wasn’t too far off, messaged the seller and immediately closed the deal. That same day, we scheduled to pick up the item and as it turns out, the actual address was not where we expected. It was far off and the roads felt like it was leading us to nowhere. I was starting to regret driving (well technically I wasn’t driving lol) all the way to their place but we then found the house and got the item; the family were just so nice and the table was like brand new so I guess it was a good deal after all. Before heading back, we also noticed that it was unusually sandy around plus there were loads of caravan around so we thought of checking where we actually were on the map which looked like a shore line. Went to drive nearer to what looked like water and lo and behold, we found this beaut.

St. Lawrence Bay

Cool winds. Relaxing sound of the rippling water. Sunset. Orange hues. Talking and laughing about random things. Everything was just perfect. The moment was just perfect. It’s moments like these that makes you just appreciate the little things that makes life worthwhile you know? And it’s these little things that make my heart so happy. :)

Acan’t Forget

Throwback Thursday: Fam Bam getaway

Morning after our wedding, we were (sort of) dragged out of our wits to go into a 6-hour roadtrip with the whole family. The thought that we’re all gonna bond is ecstatic but I’m not gonna lie, after all of the stress and exhaustion from planning to preparing to the actual big day, we were kind of in a zombie mode the whole day. But then again, we’ll be leaving again in the next 5 days so every moment counts.6 hours, 5 vehicles and threading through high terrain and one nasty landslide later, we arrived at my brother-in-law’s resort in Dinadiawan, Aurora.Ahhh, finally, the calm after a profoundly busy feat.

I’ve been craving for this kind of serene place for a while so instead of sleeping in the cottage, I decided to sleep outside and bask under the stars. Mama then decided to join and we just talked about random things till dawn… ❤️

Haaaay. I think I’m homesick but what’s not to miss? Also, it was such a pleasure getting to know and spend time with my new family. I am praying we could do this more often. I love you all! ❤️