Acan’t Forget

It’s the little things

You know how they always say the best moments happen when unplanned? I was just reminded by Timehop one of those awesome times.

Rewind to 1 year ago…

As we were starting to build our home together, one of the things that excite us is furniture shopping. We had just invested in a new set of sofa and our living room was slowly but surely coming to life and was just missing a centre table to match.

We didn’t want to spend a fortune over a new one so we went to Facebook marketplace for some secondhand items. I then found the Ikea table I was looking for for only 10 quid (versus the brand new price of 60); checked the map which wasn’t too far off, messaged the seller and immediately closed the deal. That same day, we scheduled to pick up the item and as it turns out, the actual address was not where we expected. It was far off and the roads felt like it was leading us to nowhere. I was starting to regret driving (well technically I wasn’t driving lol) all the way to their place but we then found the house and got the item; the family were just so nice and the table was like brand new so I guess it was a good deal after all. Before heading back, we also noticed that it was unusually sandy around plus there were loads of caravan around so we thought of checking where we actually were on the map which looked like a shore line. Went to drive nearer to what looked like water and lo and behold, we found this beaut.

St. Lawrence Bay

Cool winds. Relaxing sound of the rippling water. Sunset. Orange hues. Talking and laughing about random things. Everything was just perfect. The moment was just perfect. It’s moments like these that makes you just appreciate the little things that makes life worthwhile you know? And it’s these little things that make my heart so happy. :)

Acan’t Forget

Throwback Thursday: Fam Bam getaway

Morning after our wedding, we were (sort of) dragged out of our wits to go into a 6-hour roadtrip with the whole family. The thought that we’re all gonna bond is ecstatic but I’m not gonna lie, after all of the stress and exhaustion from planning to preparing to the actual big day, we were kind of in a zombie mode the whole day. But then again, we’ll be leaving again in the next 5 days so every moment counts.6 hours, 5 vehicles and threading through high terrain and one nasty landslide later, we arrived at my brother-in-law’s resort in Dinadiawan, Aurora.Ahhh, finally, the calm after a profoundly busy feat.

I’ve been craving for this kind of serene place for a while so instead of sleeping in the cottage, I decided to sleep outside and bask under the stars. Mama then decided to join and we just talked about random things till dawn… ❤️

Haaaay. I think I’m homesick but what’s not to miss? Also, it was such a pleasure getting to know and spend time with my new family. I am praying we could do this more often. I love you all! ❤️

Aca-ganapan, Acan’t Forget

Party @ Nevada [08.2009]

I was browsing old pictures in my drive when this special folder struck me… We were in 5th year college, Baguio City for our staffing. It was a Saturday night; Perfect cold weather. We were all in the mood to go out, chill, relax but since we’re minors, we weren’t really allowed to go out without any consent from an adult or family member; we we’re also days away from going back home and about to start for our review for the boards so we we’re like “wtf. let’s do this!”.

We had an early dinner then immediately went back to the dorm and prepared. Since most of the girls I was with we’re the “good girls”, I noticed that I was the only one overly excited for the night out. They we’re apprehensive. They we’re afraid that we might get caught. I already put my make-up on, ironed my hair so I went down to the boys bunk who seemed to be more game and more prepared than the girls. I was thinking with or without my roomies, I will still go out. The guys will be there anyway, and since I’m “one of the boys” I wouldn’t have any problem. I just BADLY NEEDED to go out.

When I went back to our room, I did a little convincing until they said yes and prepared. While preparing, we strategized on how we can pass the guards outside. So we came up with an idea.

“Sabihin natin kain tayo sa Jollibee. Tas alis na tayo. Okay lang pag ganun.”
“Oo pwede yun kasi pag pm shift naman tayo nakakalabas pa naman tayo eh!”
“Dapat makaalis tayo dito as early as possible para di sila makahalata”

I was official the promotor. :) I was goin’ up and down also checkin on the boys. I was uber excited!

Vanity time while waiting (clothes were all thrifted.)
I also helped my friend, Mattina to get ready. She didn’t want too much make-up. Just foundation, liner, and a little gloss.
And so once everyone’s ready, we all went out. Of course the girls all went together. We did pass beyond the guards. We were laughing cause we didn’t look believable. Imagine! “Kuya magjajollibee lang kami. Babalik din kami agad” pero nakaoutfit lahat! With matching make-up and heels? hahaha!
So we were already at the highway waiting for a cab when suddenly one of our batchmates called up and said the guard reported that students went out and we should go home cause our clinical instructor was looking for us and wanted us to submit an incident report for going out late and without permission. Damn. Our dreams were shattered. And yes, we did go back. The guard was even smiling when we went back and said “ambilis nyo kumain ah!” and we just replied “sarado na pala kuya”.
So as we went back to the room feeling all sad and low, we talked to the one left and asked what happened. The one who got caught was not us! It was our other batchmate! Oh shit, we shouldn’t have bothered to go back, they didn’t even notice we were gone! So back to planning. We knew we’d have trouble going out the main entrance cause it was getting late already and our lame excuse of going to get food is not gonna buy the guard again. I called up the guys who were apparently at the bar already and said we could go out at the parking lot gate but there’s a catch: ALL GATES ARE LOCKED AND WE’D HAVE TO GO OVER THE BAKOD.
Oh hell yeah I could do that! I’m desperate but of course, I can’t be selfish. I’m doubting if the other girls could do that. There’s also a guard house beside that gate and we should do it quietly so we would not bug the guard who’s already sleeping.
We had a thousand attempts. (not really a thousand but yeah we tried a lot of times). It was quite a high gate and we were in heels for that matter. So we’d really have to try. Some of us we’re already getting mad cause some girls keep on laughing while trying to climb and that could wake the guard.
It’s 10pm already and fun’s about to start so I tried once more. With the help of the beki’s, finally! I’m out. Others followed and when we were all out, we were running real fast away from the dorm until we reached the highway. Then, took a cab and HELLO NEVADA!
We weren’t really familiar so we went to the bar that looks attractive and doesn’t really have a lot of people yet. TANGERINE.
When we got there and got settled. We were all catching our breaths. No one even had the initiative to look at the menu to order. Some adventure we got there. After a few minutes, we’re back to reality. No one was excused from drinking. Alcohol is a MUST!
Anthony, Roanne, July, Shyne, Naj and Matt
July, Matt, Nina, Jet (who just came to see nina), Tedz
Tedz, Ton, Roan, Naj, Me, Ju, Matt, Nina
Mitch, Naj and Me (mga promotor)
Ton and Roan
Matt, Nina, Jet, Tedz, Ton
Shyne, Ju, Matt, Nina, Jet
The Super Sweet couple
Party Mode with Nina. :)
Uhm. Idk.
Mga promotor ft. Shyne na tumutungga. haha
Hi matt. :)
We transferred to the bar nearby bar with POLE!
with Artemio
with the guys. di sila sumama sa tangerine
Caught off guard nanaman si Shyne. hehe
Now, here comes the POLE.
Mattina seducing Jet
Moment ko sa pole.
Shyne..attempting to use the pole
SHOCKED LAHAT!!! Proud of you Shyne!
So much fun!
Next stop… Albertos.
I was just chillen’ on the last stop. Pero sila wagi ang energy! Just took pictures nalang muna
We all got home almost 5am. We all fitted in 2 cabs. Funny cause when we got to the dorm, the guard was shocked when there were two FXs that stopped filled with people- students and the guard had nothing to do but to look at us. We walked quietly until we got to our respective rooms and knocked out agad! The next morning…as if nothing happened. hahaha. We didn’t get caught! Galeeeeeng. Super memorable experience. I would treasure it forever and ever AMEN!