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I keep on getting sick the last few months and to try to cope with everything, my mind just defaults to memories and people from back home. So this past few weeks, I did a lot of digging just to satisfy my yearning – old photos, videos, maybe a few messages/letters which were all stored in my external drive. Here’s one happy memory I found:

Opening Back-up >> photos >> 2012 >> tagaytay/manila folder

This was my first time in Tagaytay. Not too obvious in the photo but I was actually capturing an amazing view of being high up with all the twinkling little lights below. I was in Manila for training but also had this opporunity to explore. This was one of those rare days where I didn’t have to worry about curfew, 75 missed calls and 95 texts lol. I was just being carefree, enjoying the weather, good food at Leslie’s and just having a laugh with the people around me. I did return to this same spot once or twice after a few years but it’s just not the same as this moment.

Feeling: happy, excited and carefree

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Apart from a life-long partnership, I think marriage is also about going through a journey of discovering what works or not, and the unending bloopers and failed moments with the privilege of sharing the experience with your partner. That being said, I would like to share a snippet of our dinner yesterday.


It was our anniversary. No mushy greetings and online professing of love or anything but we just decided to have a simple dinner. Hubs opted to book a semi-pricey Japanese restaurant for us to try and oh boy, did we have an interesting night. First of all, I think after our numerous attempts of fine dining, it’s safe to conclude that it’s really not for us. The element of trying out new things is fine but the practicality of it all… di sulit besh!

So we tried Roka in Canary Wharf and as I mentioned, we had a very interesting night. Ambiance was posh however it can get a bit busy and loud. As for the food, sushi and maki were divine. Fairly priced but tastes good and really fresh and it did leave me wanting for more. However, the main meals were very underwhelming. I honestly think my husband’s cooking is far better. Our total for 4 different starters and 2 mains + drinks went over a hundred quid. Some would say that’s a reasonable amount but my jologs + cheapangga side says kyohal!

After the meal, all we could ever do was laugh about the experience and make out different meals we could have eaten for the amount we just spent. I guess it’s comforting to have that sort of relationship where you just laugh over everything. I’m also happy because my jowa used to be a worrier and a grumpy kid but he’s learned to let go and let loose and just laugh with me and the silly things we do.

Looking back, I think I could say we’re doing something right. There’s still a long road ahead of us but here we are making it through another year of figuring out how this marriage thingy works lol. There’s still a lot to learn, and more restaurants to try! I guess for now, we’ll just continue laughing together and at each other.


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It feels like a long time ago when I last posted an entry, but it has only been 3 weeks. I did write tons of listings in between, but it all went to my drafts cause it has been nothing but random musings that may not make sense to anyone but me so yes, I guess I saved you from a big yawn. Anyway, as my title goes, in between work, school & adulting, I did try to make an effort to tweak and re-organise this blog starting off with my new header which is an old doodle (2014) of my nickname and my new picture (vain much? hahah) So to my 1 and only follower (charaught!), please bear with the site construction. Naks! Taaaa!