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I have this tendency to get so consumed when reading a book. It’s like suddenly, all my emotions get so invested in it and I’m like in a different dimension where my imagination flies and I seem to have my feelings magnified. That being said, I couldn’t resist writing about this recent book I read.

I may have officially retired my favourite Judith McNaught novel in place of THIS! Colleen’s writing here sort of played with my emotional well-being. Imagine 2 different timelines on alternating chapters: one minute I’m in love and then 5 minutes later, I’m shattered! I literally cried my eyes out (yes, that’s how invested I can get) especially when I got to reading all the letters. Even after finishing the book, I am still sobbing! This is a perfect read for everyone especially those in a relationship, engaged and those who are already married. Eye-opening in terms of realities of marriage and awe inspiring at the same time.

I was a mess as you can see! 😭[[[[[[[[

It was also very timely that I’ve read about this which is prolly why I get so affected. In a nutshell, this book was about a certain struggle in people’s married life and how they were able to survive it. I for one have witnessed friends with similar endeavors and reading this in a way has opened my eyes to what they’re really going through and helped me understand their situation. Also at the back of my mind, there was also this fear that this could happen to everyone, including me.

I don’t wanna give more hints but please, if you’re reading this, go buy the book/ebook and read it! I promise it’s sooo good!

Current Reads

BOTD: Black Butterfly by R.M. Drake

Intrigued by the amazingly beautiful poetry posts I always see with “RMD or RMDrake” insigna, I just had to search who this writer is, which I eventually found on instagram, Mr. Robert M. Drake.  

 It’s nice to grace my every day reading his takes about life, love, heartbreak, failure and of course, I became an instant fan. 

And as a fan, I’m so happy to finally get my hands on his latest project!  

   I literally just received the book which I bought at Amazon for about 13 quid (shipping included) and as much as I want to finish reading it all in one go, I had to stop myself and save some more sighs and awwwws for the next days to come. I do intend to read one piece a day and try to savour every line, internalize and maybe have a good cry after each.

He has 3 other books (which I plan to get soon) unless, someone wants to give it as a gift, I’ll gladly accept it. ;) 



Ok. I got a bit carried away. But I’ll stop now.   


Promise, it’s such a good read! I had trouble trying to stop.