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Chamonix Chamonix Shapopo

It has become a (sort of) tradition that instead of celebrating birthdays with food or booze or party, we just treat ourselves with travel- whether going somewhere new locally or take advantage of the cheap travel around Europe. Since we had to hold off with travel last year for the wedding, this year we figured it’s time to get back in the game- in short, nakaluwag luwag na po mga besh! So for this year’s birthday (Hubby my labs) destination… Bonjour Chamonix, France!

Ever since our trip to Zermatt (our favorite destination to date), I’ve always been amazed by the Alpine regions. So majestic and breathtaking (and I mean that figuratively AND literally)! And also, contrary to most people’s opinion, I adore snow.

Although Chamonix is in France, due to its distance, we opted to land through Geneva Airport and just ride the bus (1 hour only) getting to our destination. We didn’t pre-book any bus tickets anymore since there were loads offering by the airport anyway. But, if you’re planning to go, some bus companies offer advance booking anyway (just so wala nang hassle when you land). Also, there are different bus companies that offer a different price range so it would be handy to research beforehand to save a bit of money.


The weather forecast before we flew was rainy and cold. Much to our surprise, it turned out to be sunny after all! We were also lucky to have booked this B&B that offered this awesome view. Perfect for the gram!img_18231

Our itinerary was quite simple, Alps, Ski/Snowboard and chill. On our first day, we literally just stayed by our accommodation, had 3 hour naps, ate dinner and birthday salubong. On day 2, we just went around the small town then to the top!



Travel Crew <3


I swear everything around just looked like it was straight out of a desktop background. I sometimes catch myself smiling at these awesome and unbelievable views just because of it’s sheer beauty.



Going to the top isn’t that cheap. It costs 60 euros to the peak- Mont Blanc, and you can also avail the Midi for 31 euros.


I’ve already learned my lesson from the last time. Take note, there’s thin air with this altitude so if you’re asthmatic like me, it helps to bring your inhaler. Also, since you’re at a closer proximity to the sun, use sunscreen and any protection from its rays. And oh, bring extra clothes to change in especially if you plan to play around the deep snow. And finally, don’t wear Vans lol.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t ski season anymore so there were no stores open to rent the equipments. We ended up just playing around the peak for 3-4 hours then went back down, walked a bit around the town then called it a night. The next day, we went to the other mountain which was basically opposite Mont Blanc


Going up costs a bit cheaper at around 15 euros. We initially planned to go paragliding but.. budget cuts lol


As usual, we just relaxed and did the usual photoshoot



I wish I could show you more pictures but I’m afraid I would run out of memory space here in WordPress lol. Here’s a video I made anyway (Usual travel assignment: Hubby takes the videos, I take pictures then I edit video footages)

Siyempre, nakikiuso din. Charing!




Blabbermouth, Lamyerda Diaries

Lamyerda Diaries: Side trip to Tulip Land

As mentioned in my previous entry, day 2 of our amazing road trip charrozcaldo was Netherlands!376d2054-964b-4494-94ac-0f95021b2121

This was another out of the blue moment. Going back to 2015, we went to the Netherlands around the last week of May, aiming to catch the field of tulips but WALEY! Their festival ended 17th of May but we got there the next day! As in, literal na latak nalang of tulips yung naabutan because everything were already harvested. So I just promised myself that I’ll come back.

2018. Eto na yung chance ko. Because we had an extra day from our Belgium trip, we decided to go ahead and see the tulips cause why not, we were only 2 hours away.

Same as the first time, we went to Lisse where they house Keukenhof- Dubbed as THE Garden of Europe. The festival has already started and there’s loads of tourists everywhere as in sold out mga besh. I was only after the actual fields but since there was a hint of curiosity of what is going on inside, might as well!


Getting into the garden costs €18. In all honesty mga besh, I felt like it was a total rip off. Di sulit. I mean the whole place is nicely done, but for the price and the volume of people coming in, I thought it could be a bit cheaper (plus they charged I think €6 for the parking). The whole place was so crowded!


The best time to go to see the fields would probably be towards the end of April, before they start harvesting all the flowers. And if I were to decide, I would just pass on the garden and just hire a bike/car to go around instead. The fields were everwhere but the challenge was to find one that wasn’t harvested yet. Luckily, through the help of instagram locations and some online searching, we’ve managed to find some spots!



It was really worth it going around to look for the fields. It was truly a feast for the eyes, my pictures/videos wouldn’t do justice and I’m glad I’ve got it ticked off my bucket list.



PS! Here’s my Belgium with a bit of the tulips video! Ü

Lamyerda Diaries

Lamyerda Diaries: Truffles Waffles and Beer

Mabuhay, whatshap por yu!?

It’s been a while mga beh but heto nanaman po tayo sa mga talak series ko and this time, I will make chika about my latest lamyerda… Belgium!

From the usual flying, we tried to explore our options- in short, kung saan mas makakatipid! Honestly, the flights at the time would cost around £120 each and hindi pwede yang mga ganyang ganap! We also went to see if we could hop on a train instead but it would cost aroung £80-90 each and I still found it a bit pricey. I was aiming for around the £50-60 range so mega hanap si auntie until, tiiiiing! I had a revelation char! Why don’t we just drive?

Driving from England (Port of Dover) to France (Calais or Dunkirk)

I learned na you could do this two ways: drive yourself through the Euro Tunnel or ride the ferry (RORO levels) and just start driving when you get to the other side. The first one did sound appealing cause it’s much faster BUT it’s a £120 charge (for two na to so pasok na sa banga). The latter naman, would take us 2 hours to cruise the English channel BUT, it would only cost us a tumataginting na SEBENTY SEBEN POUNDS ONLY! Oh di ba? Winner! The catch though, is that when you’re driving around EU, there are certain requirements like making sure your insurance covers that country and that you have mandatory equipments that is available in your car (fire extinguisher, hazard jackets, road triangles, etc) which you can buy a complete pack in Halfords.

The are also buses from London to Belgium/France/Netherlands which is also cheaper but of course would take around 8 hours or more. Worth a try for some who don’t mind.

The English ChannelBD91DB3B-424A-4846-B456-552B7B064E2C.jpg

There were actually a variety of ferries to choose from but I opted for the DFDS company. Just make sure that you book on their actual website cause when I compared with like a travel site, they do have the same initial price pero tadtad sa hidden charges when you check out. Also, perstaym ko to so talagang napasigaw ako pagka angkas namin ng “Shakay nah!”

I think what I liked about this mode of travel is there were no strict allowance ecklavoo. Kahit magbaon kapa ng 5litres of shampoo keri lang. Parang ang chill lang promise! Daan daan ka lang sa booths, they will quickly inspect and swab your car for safety; they also have immigration there so may tatak padin yung passport.


We originally booked for 10pm kasi we will still come from work and anticipated traffic since it was a long holiday. Luckily, we checked in around 7:45 pm and they just offered us of we’d like to ride on the 8pm one so gora! It was the perfect time cause we get to catch the golden hour while cruising the English channel.


They had a communal area in the ship and they had restaurants (not much to offer but keri nadin), small shop to buy essentials (careful cause prices are doubled); they also have a number of slot machines and currency exchange booth. Upon booking, they did offer me if I wanted to avail the lounge (additional £12 /person/journey) but since the theme is tipid travel, I just refused which was a good call. Looking at the open area, it was actually not that bad. And the journey was just for 2 hours anyway so keri boom boom na.

Because of the time difference, we arrived at Port Dunkirk ( yeap, that Dunkirk from the movie. A must watch!) at around 11pm and checked in and rested for the morning.

I am still in awe with the fact na you can be in two countries at once (Mandy Moore levels) here in Europe. From Dunkirk, France, it was just an hour drive getting to our first destination- Brugge, Belgium

Be, welcome daw. 06B73BE6-8B94-4F1E-A3B1-FE39D2FCFE8B.jpg

Walking around Brugges D1858F64-79C1-4C8C-8024-C8153998CEF7.jpg

The city was so energetic yet chill at the same time. We were lucky cause we were blessed with a sunny weather so we had the chance to really roam around and appreciate it’s gothic architecture.


They also had canals where you can cruise and basically see around (only 7 euros each).


Of course, what is a trip to Belgium without an authentic truffle and waffle experience.


All in all, you can probably see all the sights for one whole day.

Break it to me GHENT-ly


From Brugge, it was another hour drive to Ghent. They had pretty much the same structures but some areas looked more metro.



Main reason why we suddenly decided to go to Belgium: this guy right here! ( JV, Hubby’s bestest friend).

After Ghent, it was another hour drive to get to Leuven where JV and his family is staying.

On our day 2, we had a side trip to Netherlands ( 2 hours drive) which I will probably talk about in another entry (para mas maayos).

Fast forward to day 3, we finally went to Brussels which was 45 minutes away from where we were staying.


Similar to most countries in the EU, I’ve noticed that most of these cities usually have their centre square which is usually their main paandar and then the rest of the tourist sites are spread everywhere.

I’m currently exploring taking candid photos of other people. Parang bet ko pang i-explore itey.


In fairness kay daddeeey


Cuteee children on their field trip! Random fact: I’ve always wanted to be a pre-school teacher


I did’t make any effort to research why pero bet nila itong si totoy. Sikat siya dito for some reason.

The Atomium – huge structure depicting atoms.

Honestly, ito yung pinaka highlight for me- the European Union Headquarters. Other than that, solb nako.

I think 2-3 days would be enough to explore its main cities and I would say Brugge was my favourite. Other must try is of course, their waffles and I love their legit Belgian truffles and my gad, I love the beer! (Sorry, no pictures na kasi nasa chanda ko na lahat plus, tipid memory din for wordpress!)

Anyway, I’m still editing our videos (I’ll embed it here soon) but see you soon on my next lamyerda diaries! Taaa!!


Update! From 150 raw videos to 20 minute clips to this!