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Farewell, 699.

6 years, 5 post codes.

Today, we surrendered our keys for 699. It was bittersweet because despite our short (11 months) stay, I would say it was one of the most memorable times of our married life. That small space was a witness to a lot of tears and struggles; a whole lot of laughter and random conversations; daydreaming and making plans for the future; discovering what we both want and how we both are; we also got to experience that sense of being mag-asawa to its truest form. We made it our own home and filled it with love, laughter, lots of music and of course, food. Haaay. Good times.

I will miss going home to 699 but, I am hoping to make similar happy and unforgettable memories in our new home. I now get why Holly (Hilary Duff) from The Perfect Man hated moving and kept yearning for a sense of home. Mahirap pala talaga. I think over the years when I was still back home in Pinas, we only ever moved once and that was for the long haul. Since I moved here in the UK, I’ve actually moved into 5 different addresses (1. Accomodation 2. Roselaine 3. 105 NP 4. 91 NP 5. 699 CD) already. And let me just tell you, nakakapagod. But yes, I am positive that this 6th and final move (not unless our plans change lol) will start a brand new exciting chapter into our lives. Also, this is another level of adulting so wish us luck! Taaaa!


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Year 2.

2 years, my love.

For better – this year, I’ve seen how you’ve grown (I mean about other growth but if you’re thinking physically well yeah, I’ve seen that too and you weren’t alone in that division, lol). You took a leap of faith and changed jobs; you left your comfort zone for more opportunity for learning; your perceptions about human nature matured, which meant you no longer fret about your frustrations because you now understood how people are people; you’ve become more responsible; you’ve accepted the fact that you will always be in charge of feeding me lol;

For worse – In all our years as friends first till we got married, we’ve sailed our roughest sea this year. Although we’ve had our small victories, we’ve also seen losses – the one where you’ve lost a big piece of your heart, one that is irreplaceable and impossible to forget. I’ve seen how you’ve tried to detach yourself from your emotions in front of everyone and still give them your warmest smile. But then, I’ve also witnessed how you bend and break quietly in a corner, ripples of grief flooding your eyes and soul. Feeling helpless and not knowing what to do or how to help. All those times all I could ever wish for was to take away your pain.

When I look back at our vows, I think I now understand the gravity of these promises made and that nothing would come easy. This year taught us about resilience. We are naturally flawed, inconsistent and we can never control what happens. But that’s just how life is and all we could do is to relentlessly march forward. And know that in every step, I am here with you plus, you’re new guardian angel – Mama Melinda. ❤️

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Apart from a life-long partnership, I think marriage is also about going through a journey of discovering what works or not, and the unending bloopers and failed moments with the privilege of sharing the experience with your partner. That being said, I would like to share a snippet of our dinner yesterday.


It was our anniversary. No mushy greetings and online professing of love or anything but we just decided to have a simple dinner. Hubs opted to book a semi-pricey Japanese restaurant for us to try and oh boy, did we have an interesting night. First of all, I think after our numerous attempts of fine dining, it’s safe to conclude that it’s really not for us. The element of trying out new things is fine but the practicality of it all… di sulit besh!

So we tried Roka in Canary Wharf and as I mentioned, we had a very interesting night. Ambiance was posh however it can get a bit busy and loud. As for the food, sushi and maki were divine. Fairly priced but tastes good and really fresh and it did leave me wanting for more. However, the main meals were very underwhelming. I honestly think my husband’s cooking is far better. Our total for 4 different starters and 2 mains + drinks went over a hundred quid. Some would say that’s a reasonable amount but my jologs + cheapangga side says kyohal!

After the meal, all we could ever do was laugh about the experience and make out different meals we could have eaten for the amount we just spent. I guess it’s comforting to have that sort of relationship where you just laugh over everything. I’m also happy because my jowa used to be a worrier and a grumpy kid but he’s learned to let go and let loose and just laugh with me and the silly things we do.

Looking back, I think I could say we’re doing something right. There’s still a long road ahead of us but here we are making it through another year of figuring out how this marriage thingy works lol. There’s still a lot to learn, and more restaurants to try! I guess for now, we’ll just continue laughing together and at each other.