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Random Snippets #23

One of the longest 6 weeks of my life, pero in the end, nga-nga padin. I miss home, at kung gaano kaaffordable magpa hupa ng stress. Yung after a stressful day at work, dederecho nako sa Lyf Center (existing pa kaya yung shop?) sa may San Gabriel to get a 250 pesos combi massage for 1 hour. Pag nasa ulirat pa, sasakay ng tricy ulit papuntang centro sabay bili sa suki kong manggahan/singkamasan then bili ng wintermelon milk tea or zagu black forest grande. Then punta sa paradahan pauwing Caggay for 10 pesos. Kahit overwhelmed at pagod, laban padin kasi pagkain at masahe lang napakalaking tulong na. Bat ba kasi ang hirap tumanda at maghanap buhay anez?

Pero sana naging mas realistic and practical sila sa school ano? I think kaya mas nakakapagod mag adulting kasi none of us has a clue how to do this shit. I mean no one can decode everything but it would’ve been more helpful if na-include sa syllabus about paying your taxes, investing in life insurance, getting a loan, managing stress, how to love your work/colleagues, anong mabangong fabcon, ilang thread count yung masarap higaan at higit sa lahat, pano maging patient at hindi sumabog pag nagkasabay sabay lahat ng ganap. Swerte ng ibang may available guidance. Mahalaga pala talaga yung mga payo ng taong nagdaan na sa mga stages. Pero pano nalang yung mga sinosolo lahat dba? Paano na?


Random Snippets

2am thoughts

• I was so drained earlier nakaborlog ako agad after work (around 6ish) then woke up 10 na! So here I am again with my 2am wide awake cheneller!

• Stormzy’s Glastonbury set was an ultimate banger. Haaay. Glastonbury kelan ba kita maaattenan? Hopefully next year ma-ipush na kita.

• I’m on to my last module for the first year and sa dami ng ganap and pressure for the last few months, I couldn’t get myself conditioned enough to get my requirements started. Pengeng motivation please!

• Excited for the coming months ang busy ko na kaagad besh! July – We’re seeing Florence & the Machine (tickets were gifted to me by one of my ever so generous best friend) dream come true mga besh! August naman will be for, secret muna hahahah and then September aurahan ulit with the becklas!

• My work mother is leaving. Nakaka lungkot and at the same time, nakakapressure and nakakapagod yung mga changes. Prolly one of the reasons why I’m tired all the time. But I love what I’m doing so keribels!

• I’ve signed up for dance class and so far I’ve done 2 sessions and looking forward to more! Nakaka happy talaga doing things you love.

• Guilty pleasure ko talaga Love Island! Don’t judge me guysh. Oh wait ov goh ah teeeeeext! #punintended

• I’m trying to slowly purge my closet and build a Safiya Nygaard inspired one. Sana ma-achieve ko.

Random Snippets

Random Snippets #22

| 23:46h | Sunday

I woke up from a really long nap (around 3-ish hours) and while I attempt to get myself to study, I started hovering around and thought I’d clean up and sort some of my albums.

I say this time and time again, I always fear that one day I’ll forget everything hence the unending documentation and collection of pictures, videos and this blog all for the purpose of reminding myself that I had all these memories and thoroughly enjoyed and made the most out of life. Browsing through my collection, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge in my heart – especially those that remind me of HOME.

I was born and raised in a really small town up north. Growing up, I remember how we didn’t have enough malls or restaurants or club and I always wanted to study in Manila and experience city life. I wanted more and felt like I’m missing out on a lot of things. But, looking at all the captured moments, every single one showed pure joy. Looking back, I know that putting other factors aside, growing up in the province didn’t inhibit me at all. It actually made more appreciative of the small things, of what I have and still be thankful for the bigger things; that there’s always beauty in simplicity; that as cheesy as it may sound, it is legit when they say it doesn’t really matter where you are, it’s who you are with;