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I keep on getting sick the last few months and to try to cope with everything, my mind just defaults to memories and people from back home. So this past few weeks, I did a lot of digging just to satisfy my yearning – old photos, videos, maybe a few messages/letters which were all stored in my external drive. Here’s one happy memory I found:

Opening Back-up >> photos >> 2012 >> tagaytay/manila folder

This was my first time in Tagaytay. Not too obvious in the photo but I was actually capturing an amazing view of being high up with all the twinkling little lights below. I was in Manila for training but also had this opporunity to explore. This was one of those rare days where I didn’t have to worry about curfew, 75 missed calls and 95 texts lol. I was just being carefree, enjoying the weather, good food at Leslie’s and just having a laugh with the people around me. I did return to this same spot once or twice after a few years but it’s just not the same as this moment.

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It’s cold and gloomy outside thus feeling a bit senti. All I could think of are these dates: August 2018 and July 2020. I want to cry and imagine what could’ve been if only… but, I have to snap out of this constant daydreaming and remind myself that it has not happened the way I imagined it for a reason.


Reset to Day 1

Looking back into 2020, I would sum my year into 2 words: chaos and resilience. But as BTS said, yeaaaaah life goes on! So here it is, day one of another cycle. Half of me knows that it can still get worse, and that we’re not out of the woods yet. But on the other hand, there’s still this budding hope inside me, praying that this new year will give everyone the reset we all need. A fresh start, a renewed faith, brand new perspective and more importantly, healing from all the unthinkable things the year has brought upon.

Here’s to self-care, family and life <3