I haven't really done this in a while but I'm happy to have gone outside and looked up - it felt so calming looking at the sky with all it's twinkling little lights along with the cool breeze and silence. The earth has really been showing off lately. She must have been having her own … Continue reading 22:31


04:37 I finally had time see what the hype is all about! We started watching Money Heist around noon yesterday (Saturday) and as of writing, ongoing padin ang lola niyo! Before I go into my unsolicited reflections, I feel like I just have to say this show is BRILLIANT, periodt. I wasn't meaning to write … Continue reading Hayst.

Lamyerda Diaries: Summer outing @ Brighton

The transition is real! When we all arrived in the UK almost 6 years ago, all we ever did in the first year was of course work,  drink and have fun! A lot of laughs, rants and even tears in between but I'm proud of how this friendship turned into family. And as we continue to … Continue reading Lamyerda Diaries: Summer outing @ Brighton