Aca-artehan: Current faves

Disclaimer: I am not in any way an expert on these things, nor do I 100% know what I am talking about. Ako po’y isang pawang consumer lamang who wants to share my experiences re products that I recently discovered for fellow noobs like me- thus, my new blog series – Aca-artehan

So here goes!

As I said, I’m still a beginner when it comes to make-up or skin care products or any self-care items and I’m still in the process of discovering what really works for me. Unending trial and error parin ako hanggang ngayon mga besh! Fortunately, I found some products na naka hiyangan ko na but I’m still on that route of trying things out. My main goal is to achieve the AWE (affordable, works for me, easily accessible) factor. Oh di ba may pa acronym ang lola nyo!

Ang haba na ng intro ko, eto napo yung current faves ko!

1. L’oreal Bonjour Nudista BB Cream (£9.99)

I was looking for a beri beri light funda for use at work para di naman ako mukang pang beaucon or di rin ako mukhang haggard and I stumbled into this bb cream instead. It’s so lightweight so mukha ka lang fresh pero pakak padin yung glow. A little also goes a long way din since di ko pa ubos up to now (2+ months) and I’ve been using it everyday at work.

2. L’oreal Infallible Total Cover (£9.99)

I’ve finished my current funda (Revlon Colour stay) and thought of trying this one since I’ve heard a lot of raves and good reviews. I’ve used this on our trip to Barcelona and it was just w-o-w! Girl, sobrang inet sa Barca that time and in fairness, kahit pawisan, hindi nahulas ang funda ni girl! Nag hiking pako pero plakado padin siya after 2 hours na umaakyat sa rurok.

3. The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain (£8)

I’ve replaced my benefit tint for this cause it basically does the job but mas malayong cheapangga siya so pasok sa aking criteria.

4. Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara (£10.50)

Again, I only use mascara on special ganaps and I was just curious how this one works kase gusto ko ma-achieve yung mukhang naka falsies. As expected for benefit, may kamahalan siya and for a newbie like me medyo messy to apply at the start pero it does give me the sasampalin kita with my pilik mata look. Winner!

5. Nyx Lip Lingerie in Lipli (£7)

I used to wear really bright red lipchook kasi feeling ko dala na niya lahat pero parang as I age bet ko yung mga neutral or discrete lang, pabebe lang ganern so far, I am loving this! It’s not drying as most matte lipsticks and ganda lang ng lapat niya

6. L’oreal Infallible 24H matte powder (£5.99)

Since na-confirm ko na oily talaga ang pez ko, I learned na locking the funda with a powder is really important. Oh dba may natutunan ako?! Again, I’ve been so hiyang with the Benefit powder I didn’t want to switch but I wanted to find a cheap dupe and so far, this is working for me! It’s also compact so easy to bring and comes with mirror and foam applicator.

7. Benefit Hoola bronzer (£10.63)

I wanted to experiment how to contour since sobrang jubiz na ng face ko so I gave this a try. So far it’s so easy to use and di siyang super galit na galit na shade. I bought the mini so it’s perfect for when you travel and sakto yung brush for the face.

8. Mario Badescu facial spray (£7)

I’ve been using this for quite some time now pero I don’t know why I’m only writing about this now. Anyway, this has been a staple in my kit and I make sure I have one for the house and one in my bag. Pag tamad2 si girl, I use it as my moisturizer; it also works as a primer, finishing spray and pag feel mo lang to look refreshed and hydrated, spray ka lang at mabubura lahat ng problema mo sa buhay, char!

Since it’s lapot season, of course ayaw mong maki uso sa mga umaalingasaw na amoy araw sa tabe-tabe. These are currently my go-to scents:

9. Victoria’s Secret in Turquoise Waves ($20)

Inuubos ko lang yung extra dollars ko when I bought this sa airport. I just liked the packaging so kinuha na agad ni girl and the smell kind of grew on me. Medjo coconut-y.

10. The White Musk in Green (£8.50)

This is my actual favourite. I normally buy the purple one but I thought of trying this out kasi summer vibe yung green and I’ve stocked it ever since. I looove the scent, parang mix of fruity and sweet pero not too intense that will throw you off. Plus, super mura pa!

11. Moschino in I love, love (£19.95)

This was actually a gift and I normally use it for mejo special na lakad. Long lasting din yung smell and you only need to spray on the usual points and youre good to go!


What’s in my bag?

I used to hate carrying a bag but, the growing Tita in me disagrees. And since one of my guilty pleasures is watching videos of bag raids, I figured why not share mine with you! (naks kala mo naman andaming followers!)


I wanted to shot a video and make a proper vlog or maybe make a Darla-inspired bag raid (Ako si Darla dahil magka katawan na kame tapos i-babagraid ko sarili ko hahahaha)pero right in the middle of filming, tinamad na si ate niyo bigla. When I reviewed the what I’ve done so far, ANG CHAKA TEH I REALISED DI AKO PANG VLOGGING HAHAHAHA! So eto nalang tyaga tyaga nalang tayo ditey. Plus, I enjoy wrtiting more. Nagmukha lang akong trying hard sa video kaya di bale nalang.

Going beck. Teka ano na topic naten? Ayun nga, just a little backstory- I HATED CARRYING A BAG WHEN I GO OUT! Sino ba kasi nagpauso na pag lalabas dapat may bag? Dati naman wala akong kaarte arte sa katawan so keriboom boom ko lang na I have nothing else with me. BUT, the growing and aging tita in me doesn’t approve! Out of the blue, I had these “just in case” items na naging essential na pag a-aura! So I had to adjust dibels? I loved wearing bag packs before but mama didnt agree cause I have to look like a girl daw and she kept on nagging me to wear the dalaga bags so I tried using shoulder bags. I did obey cause I am such a good daughter (chaaar!) but I just never learned how to properly use one! Siguro malakas lang talaga yung topak ng katawan ko. They always slide down my shoulder and ang hassle to keep on pulling it back up! So I shifted into sling bags which worked with my lifestyle for a while. But I want comfort with a dash of style so I went back to my original love-bagpacks! Good thing uso na ngayon yung pa-girl na styles so at least nasunod ko parin si mudra. This is my current and my favorite!

I bought this from Japan! Charot! This is an Anello Bagpack (AT-B1212) and it perfectly suits my needs and style. They have 2 sizes I think but I got this small one and also opted for the leather make cause gusto ko lang. ahahahha. But yeah, it’s easy kasi to match it whether you’re dressed up or downn. I bought this one from the Anello account in Amazon for only £40-45. Winner na diba!? I’m planning to buy more of these in different colors (I want the burgundy next!) and bet ko rin to get at least one of the larger size which would be perfect for day trips, overnight trips.

Anello bagpack, my super favorite and loved bullet journal- Leuchtturm 1917 in grey (it’s a German Brand, bought it from Amazon for £10), Muji pens in black and red, sony battery pack, french connection specs cause I’m short sighted (2 specs for £99), Benefit cosmetics na may kamahalan but so far hiyang aketch (face powder, lipstick and lip/cheek tint), Elizabeth Arden Perfume (bought it for £7), inhaler for my asthma, card wallet (cause I don’t bring cash and I don’t like huge wallets), ear phones, toothbrush

my trusty Iphone6s, contact lens case (empty cause I’m using it at the moment), breath spray, sanitiser, Radley pouch bag (originally £30 but bought it on sale for £9 only), lens solution, baby wipes and rosary.