My ‘What if?’

I am currently re-watching How to Get Away with Murder and all I could think of is my childhood dream, my biggest What if – becoming a Lawyer.

Growing up, I witnessed Mama recite the Philippine constitution and quote random articles like it’s engrained in her and like it’s part of our life; After school, I sat at the back of her class and half listened to her lectures about the law and certain legalities; Watching the news became a routine and early on, I developed opinions and my take on certain issues; I enjoyed debating and proving a point; I basically knew from then on that I am going to be a Lawyer someday.

Whar if I really went for it? What if I took Law? What if I became a Lawyer? What if I continued to pursue my dream of becoming a Criminial defense attorney? What if this will work?

Life then happened. Things changed. Priorities surfaced. Practicality won. As much as I wanted to push to make this dream happen, it wasn’t possible at the time. I sort of promised myself that once I’m more settled, I’ll study again and chase this dream.

My career and life path had a major shift which has now led me here. Being in the medical field wasn’t always my first choice but I eventually learned to love it and found a speciality I’m interested in. I am happy where I am right now and I keep thinking had I insisted solely on what I want, I wouldn’t have met the special people I have now and I would be living my life differently. Though I’d like to believe it’s not yet too late and that I still have time, for now I’ll just leave it as a little piece in my heart asking what if?

Random Snippets

Random Snippets #10

I haven’t had any random thoughts lately because I’ve been sleeping guysh! Yes, you heard that right! My insomiac diaries seem to have gone on a vacation because by midnight or 1 am at the latest I’m already knocked out! I’m a happy kid!

Last day of August, last day of procastinating. I know I know walang kamatayang I will diet na ito but super super mega over push na talaga ito and it’s something serious so wish me luck guys. Para sa kinabukasan.

On to good news, I’m going back to school this fall! This is so exciting and nerve-racking at the same time but I’m so ready, char! Dalawang taon din ang igugugol ko dito. Ang issue ko lang is like my previous course in Cambridge, medyo long commute din ulit kasi east (where I’m from) to west (where the uni is) ang labanan ngayon pero magrereklamo pa ba ako? Salamat sa pa-schooling ni H.E.E!

Chika ko lang na nag attempt ulit akong mag vlog. I did shoot something and actually finished it pero nung nireview ko na yung clips, I was cringing the whole time! And ending, I just deleted the whole thing. Wala di ko talaga forte hanggang type type lang ang kaganapan ko. Also, I’ll just stick to my clichè travel videos hahaha

Completed 6 months facebook-less and still thinking if babalik ba but I heard that my Amsterdam video (uploaded by my sisterettes) received good feedback and more than expected views so thank you for all the support! Hahah wow feel na feel! 1 thousand more views babalik nako sa fb char! Anyway, since nabanggit ko narin naman, i-plug ko narin! Taaaaaa!

Acan’t Forget

It’s the little things

You know how they always say the best moments happen when unplanned? I was just reminded by Timehop one of those awesome times.

Rewind to 1 year ago…

As we were starting to build our home together, one of the things that excite us is furniture shopping. We had just invested in a new set of sofa and our living room was slowly but surely coming to life and was just missing a centre table to match.

We didn’t want to spend a fortune over a new one so we went to Facebook marketplace for some secondhand items. I then found the Ikea table I was looking for for only 10 quid (versus the brand new price of 60); checked the map which wasn’t too far off, messaged the seller and immediately closed the deal. That same day, we scheduled to pick up the item and as it turns out, the actual address was not where we expected. It was far off and the roads felt like it was leading us to nowhere. I was starting to regret driving (well technically I wasn’t driving lol) all the way to their place but we then found the house and got the item; the family were just so nice and the table was like brand new so I guess it was a good deal after all. Before heading back, we also noticed that it was unusually sandy around plus there were loads of caravan around so we thought of checking where we actually were on the map which looked like a shore line. Went to drive nearer to what looked like water and lo and behold, we found this beaut.

St. Lawrence Bay

Cool winds. Relaxing sound of the rippling water. Sunset. Orange hues. Talking and laughing about random things. Everything was just perfect. The moment was just perfect. It’s moments like these that makes you just appreciate the little things that makes life worthwhile you know? And it’s these little things that make my heart so happy. :)