Aca-ntahan: Ed Sheeran! (Dalingay!)

2013. I was on a Victory Liner bus for a 10-12 hour trip from Tuguegarao to Manila. I can’t really recall what my trip was for but I came prepared and downloaded a whole album to listen to. At the time, I was still in my Brian Puspos fangirl stage so everything he recommends, I explore. Somehow, he led me to listen to Ed Sheeran.

Lol, look at my 2013 instagram post with my jailbroken phone. My memory is still quite crisp and the time stamp on the photo is proof! Anyway, yeah I got to know Ed’s music -my favourites were Lego House and The A team but I fell in love with Little Things which he wrote for One Direction. Since then, his career really escalated and my nostalgic self feels the need to see him perform live at least once in my lifetime.

After touring for almost 2 years, he finally decided to conclude it at his hometown in Suffolk which is only an hour drive from Essex. I was ecstatic when I secured the tickets especially when we found out Lewis Capaldi (my husband’s newest favourite) was playing as well. Awesome voice, awesome lad!

I guess all this time, I never really paid attention to how he performs live. I always thought he had a band or something but that whole concert he is THE band, doing his own back up vocals and lead vocals all made possible by the continuous loop gadget thingy. I was blown away, seriously. Pure talent that man is!

Since it was the last tour day, I kind of hoped he would bring out suprise guests like Stormzy or Justin Bieber (hahah wishful thinking much?) but none of them showed up. He didn’t really need them though, and he really went all out on his performance I just sang and jumped the whole set. You can really see the fire in his eyes and the passion for what he is doing. So inspiring and infectious!