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Random Snippets #11

Watsap por yu?

  • Just watched Crazy Rich Asians and I enjoyed it! I wish I could say I could relate but i think crazy asian fits more of my personality and lifestyle. Ang sha-shala nila veh pengeng beryeh
  • I’m so relieved that the typhoon is over. It hit our city so bad that our house took some serious damage. Fortunately, everyone in my family’s safe and that’s far more important. #BangonCagayano
  • I’m cooking a project and I can’t wait to show it to you guys! I do hope I deliver it well.
  • Excited for the coming days ahead because I’m gonne be one busy bee! A) One of my bestest friends is coming to visit, yeeeey! B) I’m starting my degree in 2 weeks- hello University of West London C) Watching Dreamgirls on Westend – Just to share, I got my really cheap tickets through raffle and if you love to watch west end shows, I would recommend for you to try it! Just download the TodayTix app and normally, they send you regular updates for when they drop the prices or when they have draws where you can just give your email and get tickets for as low as less than 10 quid! Bongga! D) Watching Jo Koy live – I’ve booked this for the longest time and if you’re reading this and looking for tickets, I’ve got a spare one which I am selling! Drop me a comment if you’re interested to buy it! E) By January 2019, I have lived in the UK for 5 years already! Unbelievable how those years just flew by! Dreading the paperwork and the gastos that comes with it but few more steps and we’re almost finishing this stage (fellow immigrants you know what I mean).
    I bought another book – not a novel though but it’s about the works of my favourite – Banksy. I wish to see more of his original pieces one day.
  • I’m sick still. I’m coming to a conclusion though that my asthma gives me a hard time whenever it’s a change of season. I’m trying to manage it by myself because honestly, it scares me to be reunited with steroids again. Booo hoo! Please body, get well na.

And that’s about it! Thank you for tolerating my randomness hahaha! Till next time! Taaaaa!