Aca-hit Anetchiwa, Aca-rtehan

Starting a new leaf

My endless pursuit for memory keeping has led me into the lines of diaries, scrapbooking and bullet journaling which I would only pay attention to once I’m in the mood or if I have a shiny new notebook. Thankfully, 2016 gave me so much inspiration that pushed me to include this in my daily routine.

3 years later, my Leuchtturm1917 finally has to retire and my hunt for a replacement has begun and ended too soon. But before I talk about literally a new leaf, let me quickly share my love and appreciation for my first ever legit bujo.

I say legit cause I’ve only ever been a good starter but never really done anything or finished a whole journal/planner/diary until this one. Before I lose track, here are some of the things I love about the A5 Leuchtturm1917:

  • Numbered pages and easy indexing
  • Back pocket for all the bits and pieces
  • Minimalist design
  • Excellent paper quality
  • Option between lined, grid or dotted
  • Easy buy through Amazon Prime
  • Lasted me for 3 years

Although I really loved everything about it, I wanted to make my life a tad easier and explore something pre-filled with weekly/monthly calendars and space for random musings. I originally wanted Winnie Wong’s The Everyday journal but I’m still having troubles sourcing it so I had to find something similar locally that would satisfy my obsession with listing, writing and personalisation. Luckily, thanks to the internet and random related advertisements I found my next one from Papier!

I’ve geared off my normal black and gray plain hues only and chose a bit of a bold design which I felt that sort of represents me (?). Of course, the personalised title and initials won me over. I can’t wait to spend the next 52 weeks with this one and surely, you’ll hear from me again soon!


Hurry Back

We just watched Bohemian Rhapsody and childhood memories came back crawling. I grew up listening to them. My mom was a huge fan and I remember how every morning, I would be woken up to the sound of ‘Bicycle, bicycle! I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike’.

The movie was fantastic but a part of me tear up when they started singing Love of my life. I kid you not when I say this was my first ever hugot song. I remember crying in a corner when I hear this. It was also my favourite Queen song. Old scribbles from my notes was even related to this song. Gosh, I was so emo at 8 years old.

He wasn’t coming back.

All hope is gone.

This is really happening.

She knew it then, but it was getting harder now.

How can this pain gets worse over time?

Wasn’t she healing? She was just laughing.

Wasn’t she moving on? She was just smiling.

She closed her eyes.

With hands on her chest, she took a deep breath.

Tears started to fall.

She doesn’t know I’m watching.

She doesn’t know that I knew.

Silent sobs hid behind my queen.

Drowning her sorrows, she was listening to Queen.

Curled up in a corner, hoping she can’t be seen.

Decades down the line, the same music still hits me the same. It would be nice to if the band was still here, but it still is nice that their music still transcends even to this generation. Also, I had a bonus of seeing the whole main cast of the movie + Brian May and Roger Taylor when they launched the #QueenCarnaby lights.