Throwback Thursday: Fam Bam getaway

Morning after our wedding, we were (sort of) dragged out of our wits to go into a 6-hour roadtrip with the whole family. The thought that we're all gonna bond is ecstatic but I'm not gonna lie, after all of the stress and exhaustion from planning to preparing to the actual big day, we were … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Fam Bam getaway

Love, Heartaches and Recovery

"The battle has finally ended. There were neither winners nor losers, what's left was happy memoirs, dried up tears and bruises and new beginnings ."  -A. I have tried so many times to put all my heartaches into writing but I guess I never had the courage to do so. And, more than a year … Continue reading Love, Heartaches and Recovery

The Break Up Playlist

I'm pretty sure most of us has gone through this dark cloud of break-ups and here are a couple of songs that I recovered from my old playlist/songs that I vividly remember that sent me to an all nighter crying session with my bed and pillow and chocolates and ocassionally with booze. Gravity by Sara … Continue reading The Break Up Playlist