Ed Sheeran FAIL


Thanks to Timehop and my good friend, I get to relive another funny experience from a year ago. Promise, andaming bloopers ng daily life ko kelangan lang ako sapian ng kasipagan para ma-chika ko lahat dito

As I mentioned, one of my sister from another mother Demeye (from Canada) visited me a year ago. Si Beshy bet mag-birthday lamyerda & luckily, one of her chosen destination is London! So ayun nga, during her visit, I took her to the usual places. Cut the story short, we were in a bus from Highstreet Kensington going to Oxford street when we passed by HMV (One of UK’s biggest retailer of music, film, games and technology products).

Ang haba ng pila sa as in! Then we got thinking, ahhh baka may singer, nag papa album signing. And then looking around, there’s loads of Ed Sheeran posters. OMG. This was a “naiisip mo ba ang naiisip ko B1? Oo B2” moment. So, I quickly checked online if may schedule nga si Koya today. Checked on their website, and even Twitter to confirm. T*ng- ina siya nga yang anjaaaaan!

If we could only jump from a running bus, we would. Per malapit narin naman yung next stop so keri na. Take note, everything was happening so fast kahit ako I’m amazed lahat ito nangyari under an hour. So we got there, nag panic buying ng Ed Sheeran merch (book and cd) thinking na if we have those, we could magically enter the magic door –>joined the queue at napanggap na shonga at nagpa press release na ang instruction is merch lang pwede na pumasok pero di tumalab —>pinakita yung merch but apparently we need a wrist band–>Saan kukuha ng wrist band? –>Baba, labas, strategize kung pano makakapasok. –>Minamata yung mga chekwang turista na nagtatatalon sa tuwa kasi katatapos nilang mameet yung idol nila –> Nagpaplanong offeran sila ng £20 for each wrist band –> medyo lumalapit lapit na and trying to start a conversation –> tapos may narinig na bumanggit na we need to buy a concert ticket –> tingin online kung magkano yung concert ticket, ang mahal beh! –> balik ulit sa planong pamba bribe nung mga chekwa –>antay antay, bwelo bwelo –> ayan na may rapport nang naestablish, solid na yung usapan hanggang sa napunta sa topic ng meeting their idol and guess what!? After all the hype and the hassle, HINDI PALA SI ED SHEERAN YUNG ANDON PAAAAAAAK!



Lessons learned:

1. WAG ASSUMERA. Mahirap maging assumera, madidisappoint ka lang. Masasaktan ka lang. Lalo na yung handa ka nang gumastos, mag invest pero mali ka pala. Masyado kang nabukag sa idea pero nakalimutan mong i-check yung reality.

2. MAGTANONG. Sa tinagal tagal naming andun, ni minsan di kame nagtanong kung si koya nga ba talaga yung andun. Di kame nag confirm sa kahit isa. Yung pinaka basic thing na dapat ginawa namin, yun pa yung nakalimutan hahahah

3. MAGBASA. Tama nga naman yung nabasa ko kaso my brain stopped processing after seeing Ed Sheeran album signing at HMV today. You know what I missed? The time. He was there 2-4 and we were there around 5-6.

Overall, kahit na medyo napagod at napagastos kame, this funny experience will live on! Mas napagtibay pa yung friendship kasi alam mo yun, di lang ikaw yung shonga at ignorante, siya din! Hahahaha! Here’s to more kabaliwan moments!


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flashback friday: Travel Fail

We’ve kept this a secret for almost a year now (we were quite embarassed of our kashongaan), but I think it’s about time I share one of our major “Fail” in one of our travels.

It was my birthday trip to Italy right? We booked a cab going to Stansted Airport since it was an early flight and we didn’t wanna hassle ourselves with rush hour, train transfers and luggage. Arriving there I reckon almost 2 hours early, we got swayed by the displays and being the “tech-loving” people that we are, we spent most of our spare time at Curry’s where they had a massive sale. To cut the story short, we ended up buying a GoPro Hero 4 thinking it would be a good addition to our trip (even though I had my massive DSLR with me) and we could use it for our videos and later on in life. Hahaha. After the kaching kaching from the cashier, like two toodlers, we were excited to open our new shiny goody. We still had time we said, so yeah, we did the unboxing right there in the waiting room. We didn’t even bother to check which gate we’ll be in until…..

We snapped back to reality and checked the time. Holy F!!! It was just 5 minutes to our flight!!! We rushed to our gate which was a shuttle away from where we were. Had a marathon and yes, I would have loved this to end like the movies where we were able to catch the plane but nope, this is real life so yes my folks, we missed the flight. We missed the freakin’ flight!!! Gelo was obviously upset, I heard a lot of tsks and grunts and “dapat kasi di na natin binuksan eh” and “para kasing mga bata, masyadong naexcite eh” but what can we do? Having the talent of remaining cool on these kind of situations, I just kept laughing and smiling. I honestly found it funny. We evetually had to go back to the counter and of course, buy new tickets. My only worry was not getting a flight the same day but luckily, there was just 2 hours wait to the next one. Also, I had to close my eyes to 200 extra quid we had to pay for getting another flight. Haaaaaay! Breathe in, then out.

So yeah, major fail. While waiting for the new flight, we didn’t even touch the camera anymore. And yes we kept on checking the time and gate. And yes, after some cool down, Gelo was already laughing about it. It was a nice and expensive experience though, and never again were we late for our flights. Also, never again would we get distracted by these toys/gadgets.

Here’s our first picture with our GoPro named: Stansted. We made sure we used it again till boarding time. Majirap na!

Ta! #lessonlearned