Acan’t Forget

Throwback Thursday: Fam Bam getaway

Morning after our wedding, we were (sort of) dragged out of our wits to go into a 6-hour roadtrip with the whole family. The thought that we’re all gonna bond is ecstatic but I’m not gonna lie, after all of the stress and exhaustion from planning to preparing to the actual big day, we were kind of in a zombie mode the whole day. But then again, we’ll be leaving again in the next 5 days so every moment counts.6 hours, 5 vehicles and threading through high terrain and one nasty landslide later, we arrived at my brother-in-law’s resort in Dinadiawan, Aurora.Ahhh, finally, the calm after a profoundly busy feat.

I’ve been craving for this kind of serene place for a while so instead of sleeping in the cottage, I decided to sleep outside and bask under the stars. Mama then decided to join and we just talked about random things till dawn… ❤️

Haaaay. I think I’m homesick but what’s not to miss? Also, it was such a pleasure getting to know and spend time with my new family. I am praying we could do this more often. I love you all! ❤️


Major Drawbacks

I am one of the blessed people to be where I am now but despite being able to live the “UK dream”, there are still some major drawbacks especially in terms of distance. 

My biggest hurdles involve my family. It is quite a pain to be taking care of other people whilst one of your family need your care as well. 

On my third month in this country, I lost my grandfather. He was old. He was wandering and went missing for weeks. Everyone went searching for him until, they found him decayed up in the woods. There was nothing I could do but curl up on my bed and cry. I was his favorite apo, and I regret not being able to say goodbye to him before I left. I regret not being there.

On my eleventh month, my uncle (whom I’ve considered as my Dad growing up) had a stroke and became critical. Eighty percent of his throat was already blocked with nicotine. Just when I was recovering from my Lolo’s death, here’s another setback. It was christmas and, instead of celebrating, I was wallowing. I couldn’t afford another loss. He did recover eventually, not the same as before but still, he survived it.. but one more attack, and he’s guaranteed dead.

A year and 7 months and here’s another fender bender. The most important person in my life – my Mother – suffered a stroke. This time, they’re querying a brain stem infarct which is really dangerous and a delicate situation cause if not managed well, all of her major functions could be compromised. This news broke me down. How could I go to work, serve and take care of other people while my mother is sick herself? 

All I could do at this moment is pray, get updates and.. Maybe go home and take care of her? I lay it all to you Lord. You know what’s best for all of us.